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The AMBEO 3D Smart Headset

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The AMBEO 3D Smart Headset

We were given a chance to try out the AMBEO Smart Headset by Sennheiser for iOS devices that have the lightening input.
Let’s just start with how comfortable this piece of tech is, it is very light and it sits perfectly on the ear. It comes with 3 ear adaptors S,M,L and they are quite comfortable.

The quality of sound is what you would expect from Senheiser. Crisp clear quality, but this is not what makes AMBEO stand out.

The earphones come with a microphone on their outer side.
This allows for a smart noise cancellation system which allows you to switch between (Situational awareness) feature and noise cancellation.

The situational awareness uses the microphones to fade the outside noise seamlessly into your program so you can be aware of your surroundings, or you could turn on the noise cancellation feature which blocks out the acoustic environment noise.

But wait there is MORE! The microphones on the AMBEO allows for exceptional high quality 3D audio recording which can also be used while talking on the phone if used on your iphone.

For people that use their phones for recording (youtube, vlogs, podcasts) this is a great piece of tech to have especially if you are on the go.

The AMBEO comes with its own special app that allows you to program the smart slider on it.

Overall I can can’t find anything wrong with these earphones. They are comfortable, and provide high quality sound and they allow you to create content with 3D audio, also these bad boys are available for purchase for a whopping $ 469.95 AUD, but In the case (AMBEO Smart Headset) the saying “you get what you pay for” definitely proves itself especially taking in consideration of sound and recording.

One of the cons tho is that I am an avid Android user, and these are only available on ios but fear not, I have spoken to Sennheiser and they have told me that an Android version is in the works.

If you got one, let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our socials

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The AMBEO 3D Smart Headset

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