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Poppin’ Culture With Danny LuVisi


Poppin’ Culture With Danny LuVisi

Popped Culture sub series by Danny LuVisi is simply stunning, I have been following his works for years now and I am glad to see him have some fun with this collection, even though he makes it look easy, the amount of detail and creativity he puts into every single creation is flawless, he is also kind enough to entertain the viewer with a twisted back story which i really love, keeps me itching for the next one like an addict 😀

I’ve decided to do a series of alternate designs on classic characters from videogames, films and pop culture. It will be grotesque, violent, and disgusting at times. And I am not sorry for that. Enjoy ♥ ~Danny LuVisi

I have nothing but respect for Danny, he is an amazing artist and a pretty cool guy, he even gives you the brushes he uses, pretty badass right?

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Last Man Standing by Danny, so much work has gone into it and it will be worth every dollar.

Pre-Order Here // Amazon 

Last Man Standing 

The book I’ve been hyping for the past several years is finally going to be out, once again.

Originally printed in 2010 by Heavy Metal, we have now gone with Dark Horse Comics to re-release the original Killbook, now modified, along with the forthcoming comic series.

“Meet Gabriel—last of a genetically engineered breed of super-soldiers known as the Paladin. After winning an interstellar war between Earth and Mars, Gabriel is celebrated back home and given the new title of Protector of

All goes well for the newly entitled superhero as he begins to rid the streets of the scum that plagues it. However, as Gabriel is distracted by his duties, a terrorist organization known as Pandemonium frames the hero for a series of atrocious crimes.

Now stripped of his title and prestige, Gabriel is sentenced to the notorious Level-9 Facility, where he endures nine long years of torture and imprisonment. But as the clock ticks down to Gabriel’s eventual demise, he is introduced to the illusive Agent O, who offers the Paladin a chance at redemption.

Learn his story—and that of his allies and enemies—through Gabriel’s eyes, as he begins to orchestrate his revenge in the scarred and vivid world of New Amerika.”

Out December, 2013.

Last Man Standing

941829_10150296390734960_696301261_n 977952_10150298947729960_107973155_o bert_and_ernie___my_brother_s_keeper___by_danluvisiart-d64jvgq donald_the_duck___by_danluvisiart-d64bs16 eve___by_danluvisiart-d655e2n gto___lenny_and_carl___by_danluvisiart-d66sbo7 mike_wazowski___by_danluvisiart-d66ahsx the_cook___by_danluvisiart-d64sb6w to_infinity_and_beyond___by_danluvisiart-d65ga2l wreck_it_ralph___by_danluvisiart-d65xoe8 yoshiluvisipsd_by_danluvisiart-d643iuz

Danny LuVisi //  Facebook // DeviantArt // Twitter 



An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

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