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New Comics (June 5, 2013)


New Comics (June 5, 2013)

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Our friend Aaron from ‘A Comic Shop‘ highlights some great books releasing this week.


DC Comics has for us Green Lantern #21, continuing immediately after the departure of Geoff Johns. With a new writer after nine years of Johns’ Lanterning, DC Comics is offering an incentive by re-releasing the cool plastic Green Lantern rings. That alone is a fun reason to buy the book!

Swamp Thing #21 is the third issue after Scott Snyder’s departure and I enjoyed the first two issues. This latest one looks promising with Aaron’s praise.

They aren’t mentioned in the video but Action Comics #21 has me pretty excited because Tony Daniel is doing all the writing and artwork, since writer Andy Diggle walked off the book… that’s okay because Tony Daniel is the sh!t and even though I’m not a big Superman fan, Tony Daniel is the only reason I’m buying Action Comics! Detective Comics #21 is also out this week. Although the artwork is peak, I consider this the weakest runner of the four monthly Bat-title books due to it’s soft story so we’ll see what this issue has in store for us. The last arc did tie in very well but it was drawn out too much, but it’s Batman so I’ll sit in my baby chair and eat my peas.


Marvel Comics has some of their top titles out this week. Thanos Rising #3 is Jason Aaron’s third book he’s putting out monthly for Marvel (the other two being Wolverine and the X-Men, and Thor: God of Thunder). The book walks you through the young years of one of Marvel Universe’s most feared tyrant and he came to be so evil. We also caught up with writer Jason Aaron at A Comic Shop this week and hoping to get a few photos of that up shortly…

All-New X-men #12 has the Cyclops from the past go up against his brother Havok, whom has now solidly assumed the position as leader of the Uncanny Avengers. I praise this book highly because of Stuart Immonen’s breathtaking art mated with Brian Michael Bendis’ story telling. I enjoy many Marvel titles but never was much of an X-Men person, but this book draws in everyone and I’m stuck like a fly inside a comic book shaped venus flytrap.

Superior Spider-Man #11 details Dr. Octopus (in Peter/Spidey’s body), whom has brutalized many of Spider-Man’s enemies, are now coming back for revenge in folds. Dan Slott does an awesome job giving Dr. Octopus exactly the same stack of responsibilities that Peter Parker went through to keep New York City villain safe and free.

Age of Ultron #9 is one issue from being completed with it’s “surprise secret ending” in which Marvel CCO Joe Quesada completed art details himself so it wouldn’t be leaked.

With the new movie coming soon, Kick Ass 3 #1 delivers just in time to remind viewers and book readers to go back to the source of where it all started.

Not mentioned in the video is the last issue of Daredevil: End of Days and the first issue of Daredevil: Dark Nights… the End of Days story was dragging and didn’t come out timely every month, so I’m not sure how many people are still reading it. The artwork is sometimes incredible but at other moments questionable and sloppy. They should have let Alex Maleev completely do the art detail instead of just book covers, but he seems to be under contract with DC Comics now.


From the independent book sector, Aaron highly recommends East of West #3 which comes to us by the incredible Jonathan Hickman. I haven’t had a chance to pick it up but I loved Hickman’s recent Fantastic Four work, and his indie book Red Wing was really interesting with a new approach to time travel concepts.


I’ll see you back in a couple of days with reviews of most of these titles!




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