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New Comics (June 12, 2013)


New Comics (June 12, 2013)

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Once again friend Aaron from ‘A Comic Shop‘ covers great books available starting today.


DC Comics is going to be without a doubt on fire this week with their sales, and may even have a chance to pull ahead on digital and physical units/volume moved for the month thanks to the high expectations of Superman Unchained #1, Batman #21, and the release of the movie Man of Steel. To add to DC’s momentum using their best known two characters, next week will also be the Batman/Superman #1 premiere done by Jae Lee and Greg Pak but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

I’ll get more in depth in a few days as I tear down Superman Unchained #1, but Batman #21 starts a year long story arc overviewing the earliest of Batman’s cases including the Riddler in this first issue. Aaron in the video mentions Suicide Squad #21 with high hopes of writer Alex Kot’s new story. He also recommends Green Lantern Corps #21 for fans of Green Lantern John Stewart. Constatine #4 is also out by Jeff Lemire who was knocking out Animal Man for us. One book he didn’t mention which I’ve been digging is Katana #5 written by Catwoman writer Ann Nocenti.


This doesn’t mean Marvel Comics is going out quietly this week. If you read my reviews of last week’s books (which can be found right here!), I squawked about how Brian Michael Bendis had three books out last week alone – this week he has Guardians of the Galaxy #3. Thor: God of Thunder #9 by Jason Aaron is also a high top notch book I recommend and it gets a mention in the video, as well as Deadpool #11 which I haven’t been feeling… but it does bring an occasional good laugh.

Aaron didn’t mention Avenging Spider-Man #22, which I’ve been toting is a great companion book to Superior Spider-Man if you like Dr. Octopus’ elite attitude. Venom #36 is also out and if you’ve been following my reviews then you know my expectations are very low for the book, even though I love the character Venom and need him in my life like fresh water on a hot day.


From the independent books available, Aaron highly recommends Killjoys #1 written by Gerard Way of the band My Chemical Romance. He also says Star Wars #6, the series in general, is a big must for Star Wars fans. Thumbprint #1 is by Joe Hill who does a great job on the Locke and Key series. No mention of The Walking Dead #111 but the cover looks like Negan is out for blood again, and this time he’s not using Lucille.


I’ll see you back in a couple of days with reviews of these titles and more!




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