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New Comics (July 10, 2013)


New Comics (July 10, 2013)


June was a crazy month for comics, and it’s just going to get bigger with the second half of the year! Our friends from ‘A Comic Shop‘ highlight some of their top picks in the video and I’ll give my input as well.


DC Comics delivers the beginning of the highly anticipated Trinity War with Justice League #22, which will involve a lot more DC titles tied-in the upcoming months. Superman Unchained #2 is also the big banger this week, being the child of Jim Lee and Scott Snyder. Speaking of Snyder, Batman #22 is also here with more on ‘Zero Year’ story arc as a 6-year prequel to Bruce’s beginnings. And one more Scott Snyder book I believe is Wake #1, which got a 2nd printing if you missed it before. Three books that Aaron didn’t mention in the video that I’m looking out for are: Suicide Squad #22 with Harley and the gang escaping the grasp of Amanda Waller; Batgirl #22 continues Barbara’s self-inflicted grief of believing she killed her brother, while Commissioner Gordon is out for Batgirl’s blood; and last but not least, Katana #6 is my guilty pleasure book from Ann Nocenti (Catwoman).


Moving on to Marvel, Aaron highlights Hawkeye #12 and gives it continued praise for it’s creativity. Superior Spider-Man #13 is supposed to be the conclusion to the Spider-Man vs. Spider-Slayer. I have two books to highlight that Aaron doesn’t mention, but Daredevil #28 is coming off a huge story line with Bullseye returning as a villain. Also Uncanny X-Men #8 shows us the ramifications after Cyclops’ X-Men faced Dormammu and his minions, losing Magik in the battle.


From the independent book sector, Walking Dead #112 is going to be huge with Negan’s short temper getting the best of him. A big war between Negan’s Saviors and Ezekiel’s faction with Rick’s support is teased. Aaron mentions Star Wars #7 which I have yet to pick up (I can only afford so many comics every week!) but he gives it a big thumbs up.


Enjoy your comics this week! I’ll probably do a lighter review than usual since I’m a bit behind on other projects for this blog. ūüôā




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