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Mini Glow Tutorial // Reach


Mini Glow Tutorial // Reach

Since it is the first thing everyone asks me when they see my works is “How do you do that glow” well I had some time to do a very basic, very simple glow tutorial, I have also added the psd and some stocks in this zip folder for you to use.


12First use the pen tool to cut out the hand, try not to use too much anchors, curve the lines to make it look real, if there is another way you like to cut out objects then do it the way you are comfortable with šŸ™‚

3After you finish selecting the hand copy the layer and set it to the center of the image so we can get all the framing work right

45After moving the hand to the middle of the image crop the layout similar to the image above

6This part is not necessary but i thought i would do it so i can show off the puppet warp tool, you should really have a play around with it, very powerful tool, so for the people that have photoshop but not the version with PW, don’t worry just move to the next step

7I added 3 anchor points, one on the forearm one on the wrist and one on the palm, the palm is the only one i moved so i can get the hand aiming skywards

8Here is the fun part you been waiting for and surprise it is really no secret, applying glow through blending options the old boring way, but it is the way you set it up that makes all the difference. In this one i never go too nuts with outer glow, i like to keep it subtle, i usually like painting layers of soft brush on low opacity to get a cool look, but that is for another day šŸ˜€

9The whole trick with this piece is inner glow, here is where you fill the whole hand in with a nice blue glow set to screen, let your eyes decide what looks good, take a look at my settings, that is what i was happy with

10I desaturated the reds in the hand because they were bleeding through the blue

111213Use the ground smoke image i have supplied you with and set it over the hand layer once you scaled and positioned it right, set the layer to screen mode and use the eraser tool to take off any edges out of the image. Now hue Ā the smoke blue to match the color of the hand

14Now we need to duplicate the smoke layer and lower its opacity to around 40%

1516Scale the new smoke layer Ā to make it look like there is a room fill smoke, it adds a lot to the image

17Bring in the butterfly stock image, there is a few of them to choose from, pick one you like and go from there. use the same methods you used to cut out the hand on the butterfly

18This is another way to apply some cool glow, what you need to do is duplicate the butterfly layer, now apply aĀ Gaussian blur to it, feel free to use the amount that you think looks good, or just use my settings

19After you applied the blur filter set that layer to screen mode, so it can just pop

20You can leave it there or take it one step further by duplicatingĀ the blurred layer and applying the settings again

21I reused the duplicated blur glow method that i used above on the hand layer, first i duplicated it, cleared all the layer styles it already had, applied the blur and set the layer to screen, as you can see the hand pops out more

22For an extra touch i made copies of the butterflies just for eye candy, you can put as many as you want, just don’t go crazy with it šŸ˜€

23The background was looking a bit simple so i supplied you with a backdrop sky, feel free to use it or if you have another backdrop you feel is better then use that

24Last of all i made a new layer and painted in with a soft brush the color red over the butterflies and set the layer to color, so i can get that red auraĀ around them



And boom! you are done, this took me around 20 minutes to make, just to breakdown the effect, i really hope it helped you and look out for more in the future, ps I am never doing a write up anymore, ill just use voice next time šŸ˜€
and yes that is WINAMP you see in the taskbar


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An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

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