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LGX REVIEW // Warm Bodies


LGX REVIEW // Warm Bodies

First of our Micro Reviews on flicks we watch, we do not go into full detail, but we break it down as fast as we can to let you know if it is worth watching.

Warm Bodies 

Going into this movie i was thinking one thing, Twilight, since Hollywood is turning everything that was frightening like vampires and zombies into pretty boys that sparkle.

Back to the movie, It starts off with the male protagonist narrating his every move and explaining how they got to this point, which i found awesome because it gave you a sense of life to the character even though he is a corps, from there it shows you the part of the world that is still living, which is the standard military filled with crazy humans and Dave Franco , I like the guy but his acting chops are still not that great, now his brother that is another story.



Now, the reason why I personally watched the movie and her name is  Teresa Palmer, she plays her part in this movie so well even a dead guy fell in love with her, she is amazing to watch in every movie she is in, personal favorite ‘Take Me Home Tonight



The move was real fun to watch, it was serious, funny, even a little dramatic at times, I was genuinely surprised at how good it was, it is the type of movie that I would consider re-watching, just like Zombie Land but Emma Stone is the reason i keep going back to that movie, goddamn i love Emma ……..

If you have not seen or heard of this movie, here is the trailer

LGX Rating 

Overall – 7 out of 10

Re-watch percentage – 60%


If you have watched it, we would love to know what you thought of it in the comments below.

Once again Teresa Palmer is FINE!!!




An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

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