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Out The Box

Once again Sennheiser does not disappoint with the packaging, from the design, color scheme and layout, as for inside the box the protective case for the headphones is a nice black and blue bubble zip up case with an extra leather pad and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm port,  would have loved the case to be a little thinner but it’s still awesome.

Opening it up you are greeted with a stunning folded away pair of HD8 headsets with the sleek metallic look staring at you sided with the kevlar 3 meter cable, leather cushion for the pretty head of yours.

You can tell these were built to last, once you have it in your hands you can immediately tell the materials are very durable and the headset itself does not feel light and flimsy it actually has some good weight on it, I got to say picking it up and connecting it together and adjusting the headphones and hearing those clicks not going to lie feels like I’m loading a badass weapon, for you DJ’s out there this is one for the arsenal.



Comfort Zone

Putting these on for the first time coming from a Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, these are so much more comfortable on the ears and the head, usually with headphones i feel pressure on the ears after long use, not with these, I don’t see myself having a problem wearing them beyond a few hours.

I love the interchangeable ear pads and the wire connecter, having that option for comfort means a lot, I appreciate that extra design touch, I do wish the jack was slightly movable so you can close up the headphones with the wire still connected without it feeling awkward.



The Sound Of Music

Ok what you are really reading this for, the sound is all it’s really about to some of you sound junkies haha

Straight off the bat I’m going to talk about the BASS, the HD8 headphones have some big bass, clear and crisp side by side with some of the clearest vocals you can hear on headsets, keep in mind i am not saying these are the bass is perfection, but it’s up there and as a Hip-Hop lover these superman headphones makes it all that much more enjoyable maintaining clarity even at high volumes



DJ Review  // EXIS 
 Great headphone, it fits snugly and very comfortable. Although it requires more power to drive than my other headphones (Sennheiser HD 25), getting it to a high volume is no problem. The isolation is brilliant, I can hear the cued tracks easily even with the loud speakers blasting away in the background. Definitely a good buy for anyone looking for a set of cans to use with their DJ equipment.
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Final Boss

Great sound, great look and durable these are major things I look for in headphones and the HD8 has me covered in this department, I know the price for some cans may scare you off to buy something else in your price range and that is fair in this economy, but i want to say this, if you do have the money, try not to go cheap on sound quality.

You know the HD8 put in work when most of the bad reviews online are about the price alone.

I would like to thank Emma and the awesome people at Sennheiser Australia for the chance to try these bad boys.
Also special shout outs to my good friend Exis for his input.



Impedance 95 Ohm

Frequency response 8 – 30,000 Hz

Sound pressure level (SPL) 115 dB (1 kHz/1Vrms)

THD, total harmonic distortion <0.1%

Contact pressure 6.3 N

Ear coupling circumaural

Jack plug 3.5mm straight

Cable length coiled 1.5m-3.0m, straight 3.0m + Kevlar OFC

Transducer principle dynamic, closed

Load rating 500 mW

Weight w/o cable 284 g


You can check out the full range on the official Sennheiser website
Find the on your social networks // Instagram // Facebook 

You can find and follow Exis here // Facebook // Soundcloud 




An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

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