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LGX Surface Studio 1on1

Micro Review

LGX Surface Studio 1on1

Thanks to the awesome people over at Microsoft Australia we got to try out the Surface Studio , It’s an amazing machine so we wanted to get the most out of it by collaborating with my talented friend Amir aka Kings Letter , so we can try out Photoshop and also some 3D (ZBrush) 

DT5Q0090 DSC01344

Let’s cut to the chase, generally speaking, the surface studio provided a pleasant experience and I imagine it can only get better after continuous use. The overall speed and quality of the product speaks for itself, with the processor Intel i7, GPU GTX 980M and 32GB of RAM plus the Hybrid Drive, there is no room to complain about the power of its hardware, although for the price (AUD 4,699-AUD 5,499 and AUD 6,599, depending on which version you purchase) it would make me wonder why Microsoft didn’t implement more recent hardware technology into the device but it’s understandable due to the time of actual development.

DT5Q0082 DSC01346
There are a few areas of which I think the Surface studio could use improvement.
The stylus was great size and not too heavy with a magnetized back that can attach to the side of the screen, however, aside from the low sensitivity of the initial pressure in the pen the single button was quite difficult to press, possibly cause it was too far up and stiff, or because of the size of my fingers.

The hook placement of the stylus was quite inconvenient as the hook was the opposite side the of the pen and it can get quiet painful after long hours of painting and sculpting, Overall the Stylus could use some improvement, and I’d say it should start with an extra button.

DSC01341 DSC01333

Coming from a Wacom Cintiq, I felt right at home with the Surface Studio, the screen and the flexible adjustment were amazing, the screen itself was crystal clear and very responsive, reason I am excited for the Microsoft compatible Bamboo INK stylus, the experience will be close to perfect.

191A7784 DT5Q0078 DSC01337

The Surface Studio also comes with its own Wireless mouse and keyboard, they are both very compact and comfortable to use, unfortunately however, neither of them can be recharged and must have their batteries replaced.

DSC01329 DSC01343 DSC01326

Now getting the part we’ve all been waiting for. Queue drum roll… The surface Dial.
The Dial is new and fresh idea from Microsoft and it can be set to provide different functions in different softwares. However the placement of the Dial on the screen can get quiet distracting as it is not a small device, I am more a left side of the computer ‘control device’ type of guy.

DSC01324 DT5Q0088

In Conclusion Surface studio can be a strong contender for its competitors, with future improvement on a few minor issues I genuinely believe it can have major effect on the creative crowd’s opinion of it, I for one and the whole Bosslogic studio love it and will continue to produce on it, just like we did on the day with our Mermaid man piece haha.

kode eat cables penisXXX
Finished piece using the surface Studio (Zbrush + Photoshop) 

Aesthetically beautiful
Very flexible adjustable screen
Screen quality/Size
Powerful hardware
The Idea behind the concept

Sensitivity and ergonomically of the stylus
No charging capability for the keyboard and mouse
Surface dial, not clear on its objective, takes a bit to be comfortable 

Be sure to visit Microsoft Australia for more information or to make an order


Special thanks to Canon Australia for providing us with the cameras to capture all this.

Thank you SOLtography for shooting us, always amazing work

It was shot with a Canon 1DX MKII + Sigma 50mm f1.4 DG HSM Art
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An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

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