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LGX Review // It Comes at Night


LGX Review // It Comes at Night

Got to see the early screening of superb up and coming director Trey Edward Shults’s new film It Comes At Night this week, thanks to the awesome people @roadshow, the screening was held at the gorgeous Cinema Nova in Carlton.

Here’s a quick non spoiler review of the film. – The film does a phenomenal job of keeping the viewer hooked until literally the credits, which is so very rare to see these days. – The acting from all actors/actresses involved was great, especially from Joe Ledgerton & Christopher Abbott. – If the film is labelled as a Horror/Mystery but in truth it’s roughly about 85% of Mystery with tidbits of Horror, but make no mistake, it excels in the mystery department. – The character building was outstanding.

The plot of the movie, as well as the characters are interesting and do a good job of keeping you hooked for basically the entirety of the film, the biggest critique of the film I would say would be the lack of answers to some of the questions you’re left with, but honestly looking back and reflecting on the film, it really could be looked at as genius from Trey for keeping everyone guessing when leaving the theatre.

The biggest compliment I can give towards this film is that literally everyone in the theatre was left hooked but also bamboozled right up until the credits hit and for a good 4-5 minutes after the film had ended.

#ItComesAtNight was a strong mix of creepy and disturbing without having to resort to over the top use of gore.

I initially left the theater confused but I genuinely do recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of a really well made mystery flick.

LGX Rating 

Overall – 8 out of 10

Re-watch percentage – 65%

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