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LGX Review // The Mummy


LGX Review // The Mummy

Had the pleasure of attending the premier for the Mummy tonight thanks to the awesome people Universal Pictures AUS The spectacle itself of the premiere was fantastic, absolutely loved the staff and the atmosphere, the theatre itself Village at Crown Casino is stunning.

Here’s my non spoiler review of the film, some quick dot points – Some of the best visuals you’ll see. – Some great, great action set pieces which were slightly hindered by a few average ones.
– The acting from all actors/actresses involved was fantastic.
– The story was hit and miss.

The plot of the movie, as well as the characters are interesting and do a good job of keeping you hooked for the majority of the film, although the plot does stray off tracks from time to time, my biggest criticism of the film in general is the direction of the film couldn’t decide if it was going for horror, comedy or a drama. That was the most disappointing aspect of it.

When the tone of the movie went back and forth from horror to adventure it was done really well, but a decent amount of the comedy was off putting. I personally think they should stick to straight up horror, make the Dark Universe something to fear.

A few nods to the Brendan Fraser version of the film which was a nice touch.

With all the above being said, the movie is enjoyable and opens the doors to Dark Universe, which I’m quite excited for  #TheMummy

LGX Rating 

Overall – 7 out of 10

Re-watch percentage – 45%

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