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LGX Review // Spider-Man Homecoming


LGX Review // Spider-Man Homecoming

Been waiting so long to see this film, and thanks to Sony Pictures Aus I had the privilege to catch the premiere of Spiderman : Homecoming.

So without further ado, here’s a quick non spoiler review.

The good (Great really) – Tom Holland + Spiderman was a casting master-stroke. – The pacing of the film is brilliant, felt like it never lost its way throughout the entirety of the film.
– The chemistry between Peter Parker & Ned felt like they were genuine best friends in real life, such was the level of acting between the 2.
– Massive praise should be directed towards all cast really, but specifically Jon Favreau  Michael keaton  & Zendaya
– Aunt May played by the oh so beautiful Marisa Tomei… So good!
– Stark Robert Downey Jr & Peter’s Tom Holland father/son like bond.
– Have I mentioned how good Tom Holland was yet? 🤔😂 The bad (or lack there of)

Let me make sure I state that this is literally nitpicking as there isn’t many glaringly obvious flaws. – The final action scene while good, and emotionally pretty good at that, felt like it was lacking a little for what it was meant to be. – I would personally have liked to have seen some more screen time for the female cast, as they were quite good in the roles they were given.


Tom’s lovable charm and youthfulness is really a breath of fresh air, his vulnerability mixed with the fearless/wreckless attitude remind us of what he is, a kid. Well a kid who behaves just the way you’d imagine a kid with superpowers would.

I walked into the movie with 2 concerns, 1) If & how they were going to connect civil war to Homecoming and
2) If Starks on screen time would be too overpowering for the film. I’m very thankful to say both were addressed impeccably.

I can’t commend the cast enough on just how good a job they all do on portraying their characters, special shout out to Donald Glover who got the loudest pop of the night.

I highly recommend this film to anyone, not just comic book fans, literally anyone who just enjoys a fantastic film filled with a ton of laughs and top quality acting.

LGX Rating 

Overall – 8.5 out of 10

Re-watch percentage – 95%

Mid credit scene = yes
End credit scene = yes


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