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Dunkirk (Non Spoiler) Review

Christopher Nolan does it again, captivating all of us with an absolute masterpiece of a film to add to his already Phenomenal resume.

I was worried initially when I saw that the film was 106 minutes long leaving me wondering how he would capture the essence of the story/characters and drama of the narrative into that amount of time.

Well I can tell you that he did all that and then some. From literally the opening scene you’re engulfed Immediately into the action and the film never looks back from there.

The pacing of the film, honestly had me thinking it was arguably the best pacing of a film I had seen, if not damn well close to it. There’s almost never a lull, barely giving you time to catch your breath. All this while managing to basically capturing most phobias you could think of, Fear of heights, drowning, tight spaces, abandonment, you name it, it’s represented masterfully by cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema.

While there wasn’t much dialogue in the film, there was however the perfect amount of it for THIS film in particular. Nolan makes the decision to avoid your typical way of explanation, and to give us a Dunkirk that focuses on the personal experiences of the war by land, sea and air. He does a fantastic job of showcasing the three different scenarios of the Dunkirk evacuation while making them merge together seamlessly throughout the film.

Dunkirk is edge of your seat film making that’s fully realized in IMAX. Please do see it in IMAX!

I was genuinely taken aback with how great a job they did not let any one actor truly stand above the rest, they were all truly magnificent in their roles.
Dunkirk is another brilliant collaboration between Nolan & HansZimmer.

To all the One Direction fans and to all the Harry Styles sceptics alike, let’s just say you wouldn’t think he didn’t belong in the film, he fit seamlessly and kudos to him for that.

LGX Rating 

Overall – 9 out of 10

Re-watch percentage – 70%

to give it anything less than a 9 for me personally would feel like an injustice.

Thank you so much roadshow and wbpictures for letting us see it #Dunkirk

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