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LGX Review // Blade Runner 2049

What Did I Just Watch?

LGX Review // Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 mini non-spoiler review.+ Poster

Positives //

Story/Cinematography were brilliant, as a big fan of the original I feel I speak for most with having concerns about the story of sequels in Hollywood films but thankfully, Villeneuve & his team knocked it out of the park in my opinion, also credit to Roger Deakins on the outstanding cinematography.

The score (music) of the film done what all good scores should do and that is to maximize your viewing experience, you’d expect absolutely no less from Benjamin Wallfisch & Hans Zimmer, absolute masters at their craft.

Without giving too much away on the actors and their roles, I wanted to note they all did a great job, but I couldn’t speak more highly of Sylvia Hoeks in this film, she’s a badass!

Ana De Armas is what I would call a photographers dream model, she is absolutely stunning in this film, as well as an underrated actress, hopefully we see her in more roles soon.

Negatives // Obviously not too many to name which always signifies a great film, but for me I felt there was a couple of scenes that dragged on a bit long unnecessarily, which the visuals were amazing to look at during said scenes, the film, and the run time could have done without them.


Overall Villeneuve does a great job of trying to both honor the original and to step out of its shadow making 2049 stands on its own. That’s by no means an easy feat.


#bladerunner2049 Thank you to the awesome people at Sony Pictures and playmakerdigital

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LGX Review // Blade Runner 2049

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