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LGX Review // Atomic Blonde


LGX Review // Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde Non Spoiler Review

Seeing the trailer a few weeks back had me initially somewhat disappointed. I was worried that it was just going to be another typical spy movie focused on bland over the top action.

To my surprise however, it had quite a bit more to it than that, I was extremely wrong. The tone, theme and visualization of the film were brilliant, with the film is set in the 1980s Berlin, the film does a great job of encapsulating the feeling of the times. The least I could say is it’s absolutely gorgeous visually. Anywhere from the neon colored theme of the film to the soundtrack, it’s an experience.

Also, the action scenes I was so worried about? They were great, especially the staircase scene (You’ll know what I mean once/if you watched this film) The chemistry between Theron & McAvoy was awesome, definitely would love to see those 2 together in more films. Still, on Charlie, this was probably one of, if not my most enjoyable role of hers, she was fantastic. Special shout out to John Goodman & Sofia Boutella as well.

My biggest critique of the film would be the pacing and direction of the first 20-25 minutes, however it was eventually resolved.

Overall I had a great experience viewing this film.

As always thank you Universal Pictures Australia and Playmaker Digital 

LGX Rating 

Overall – 7 out of 10

Re-watch percentage – 50%

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