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LGX Review // 13 Reasons Why

What Did I Just Watch?

LGX Review // 13 Reasons Why

SPOILERS – I was recommend to watch 13 Reasons Why was told is was the best thing on TV so I binged it within 3 days to see what all the hype was all about.
First off straight off the bat I never wanted Barry Allen to be in another show so bad haha.

Now the show is great, it was well made, I am not going to take that away from it but it had so many holes and left the viewers asking why more than 513 times and some of the decisions some of the characters make have you wanted to make tapes of your own because of the stupidness, but I guess that sort of thing really does happen so I was ok with it, I continued to watch.

I had a girl in my class back in the days like Courtney (Asian Girl) I could not stand her at all well done on the show in portraying the FAKE PEOPLE in full form.

I was heartbroken most with the loss of Clay’s wingman, we all need a friend like that at school, the loss of that friend hit home the most, and upset it was not acknowledged more.

Hannah, I know this was your dying wish, but I don’t know why Justice was not the first option, I understand you wanted to let everyone that hurt you know, but the option to leave it as unfinished business is an odd choice….. this is how ghosts are made, unless that was your plan all along to become a ghost O_O.

Clay made so many mistakes it is not funny, but it does show that if you are not aware of the problem you will never see the solution till it is too late.

Now all jokes and review aside, this topic is heavy and serious, if you are down, feeling empty like the world has nothing left to give, there is always an ear to hear you and there is always a heart that cares for you and that breaks when you are no longer around, every single one of you are important not only to yourself but to someone else, please talk to someone, open up because sometimes all it takes is a real and humble response.
Please take from this show that it is about picking up on signs and not a alternative way to go out like many are saying.

It is a good show and I do recommend, just wish Barry could just go give advice to Clay 😀

Season 2 should not be a thing (Just my 2 cents)

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