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Comics Review (June 19, 2013)


Comics Review (June 19, 2013)

Here we are again, being hit with some incredible comics for this week!

No need to talk, just jump right in!



Uncanny Avengers #9:

With Marvel barfing up so many titles, it’s hard to tell where the quality books really lie. I’m here to tell you that Rick Remender is holding strong on the Uncanny Avengers title and you are not to be disappointed; therefore I’ll make it the book of the week. If you read and followed along during the Uncanny X-Force series also by Remender, then you’re in good graces and understand completely what’s going on this current arc. Captain America gets a glimpse of seven futures that are possible from the current timeline stream, and needs to take action against the Apocalypse Twins if he and the human race want to live to see them! There are some huge emotions being mixed when Captain America is saved and he speaks before the rest of the Uncanny Avengers about his discovery: Wolverine led the previous X-Force team to kill Kid Apocalypse, Archangel Warren Worthington, and Wolverine’s sadistic dark son, Daken.

Unbeknownst to the Uncanny Avengers team, Wolverine sees the faces of his victims in his nightmares and lives with the guilt under his skin every day as a resulting punishment.


While Rogue and Scarlet Witch go at it again and Wolverine opts out to leave the team due to his dirty history, Havok realizes that this could break up the team and also render useless the purpose of uniting human and mutantkind. Meanwhile, the Apocalypse Twins, like their predecessor Apocalypse, have revived and chosen their Four Horsemen… and just one of them happens to be one of the most powerful heroes to have ever lived.



Animal Man #21:

Buddy Baker is deep in his depression after the loss of his son Cliff. His agent calls and tells him he’s nominated for ‘Best Actor’ on his movie and this would be a good time to keep his mind occupied from the death of Cliff and his separation from his wife and daughter Maxine. After storming The Red and disrespecting The Totems by threatening to quit, he has lost his privilege to connect back to The Red but still can tap into his powers. He decides to put on his suit and investigate several missing pet cases…

Maxine is also disconnecting from her mother and grandmother, but is secretly entering The Red every night in search of Cliff in the Bloodstream. She is now ‘Animal Girl’ and is seen in a fitting Buddy Baker style hero suit. She enters The Parliament of Totems and agrees to become their avatar so long as they allow her the power and assistance to find Cliff in the Bloodstream.

The best thing about this entire issue is how Jeff Lemire integrated a Twitter-verse sort of social networking into the book, giving a third party sort of point of view simulation of current events surrounding Buddy Baker and his whereabouts – very creative!



Superior Spider-Man #12:

We’ve showcased Superior Spider-Man as the book of the week for the last issue for it’s expansion, planning, and big coverage. Unfortunately this week was a minor continuation of the battle of Superior Spider-Man vs. Spider-Slayer. There really wasn’t much that happened worth mentioning but the artwork once again was firm. The very first page had a small panel with J. Jonah Jameson’s wife being impaled (hidden by panel placement, but implied) and the facial expression was incredible. The next issue is the finale and it looks to be more promising than what we had here.



Ultimate Spider-Man #24:

In the last issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, we were in a year after Miles Morales’ mother’s passing at the hands of Venom. He hasn’t been Spider-Man since. As he walks into a restaurant with his dad, Gwen Stacey is his waitress and talks to Miles in private telling him he has to stay being Spider-Man no matter what. In this issue, Cloak and Dagger are introduced to the Ultimate Universe in a story surrounding their origin with slight action of their powers. We get a cameo from Mr. Sinister as a doctor. This is now the second issue without Miles donning the Spider-Man costume and I really hope he gets back into it soon because he makes a great hero.



Mind the Gap #11:

This is my favorite independent book by Image Comics, way more interesting than The Walking Dead, Revival, Fatale, and everything else they have going… Okay, maybe not better than Saga but still ūüėÄ

Once the souls of The Garden discover Ellie has the power to return to bodies of the unconscious, they rip her apart in an attempt to get her attention. In the real world, dozens of comatose bodies jump to life with Ellie’s conscious and they all have the same message: Kill Dr. Crenshaw. Meanwhile Jo is reluctant to help Ellie’s brother after learning that she has to kill Ellie to stop some sort of Biblical projection that Ellie is secretly connected to. During a really sad scene, Ellie’s boyfriend Dane walks alone through the hall hoping she’s listening and Ellie’s spirit hugs him with a face full of sorrow.



Red Hood and The Outlaws #21:

Roy has been seeking a therapist to handle his issues for years… to our surprise it’s none other than Dr. Hugo Strange!! Kori comes in to save Roy, who defends Dr. Strange saying he’s only there to help. Meanwhile, Jason Todd is being hounded by the League of Assassins who want him back. Red Hood thinks otherwise and fights back, but resisting just made it more worse. The art by Julius Gopez really makes this story a fun read.



Epic Kill:

I finally decided to finish reading this book, which certainly didn’t live up to it’s name. The main character, Song, is an assassin of sorts with a fuzzy background. All she knows is how to kill and run. In every issue of the book we saw her perform unbelievable feats even far fetched by Hollywood standards. In her ‘Kill Bill’ clothes stolen right off Beatrix Kiddo’s back, she takes out an uncountable number of soldiers and government lackeys in ten issues to reach the President. The only impressive thing was the consistency of work put in, considering that the story, art, colors, and inking were all done by Raffaele Ienco. The story was not difficult to follow but rather too cliche, but if you were looking for a book full of blood, bullets, and limbs then you found the right one.



Vibe #5:

Here’s one of my guilty underdog books spinning out of a major title. Vibe comes out of the Justice League of America book, like you saw we reviewed Katana. With Vibe being a minority, this book should easily draw in other curious people in the way Miles Morales was meant to with Ultimate Spider-Man. After refusing to capture the alien Gypsy, Director Waller has cut off Agent Gunn’s suggestions and decided to send the Suicide Squad to capture Vibe and Gypsy which may seem like overkill. I really love this story so far but there’s two things you may not be okay with: Vibe’s brother, Dante, is annoying – he might be the only person available for emotional support to Vibe but I think he needs to be killed off or kidnapped and mutated or something to keep him from expressing his annoyance. Also, the way Waller is being portrayed in the DC New 52 throughout all the titles as a power-hungry b!%$# is uncomfortable. I’m surprised Harley Quinn or Deadshot hasn’t slit her throat yet in Suicide Squad. However, this is what comics are all about. They draw your emotions out and make you feel something for the characters. This is how you know you have a good story when you feel a certain way about a fictional character.



Captain Marvel #13:

Continuing the ‘Enemy Within’ story arc, Yon-Rogg tries his hardest to keep the Avengers and Captain Marvel busy while powering up. He sets loose several Kree sentries that have been hidden on Earth for many years laying dormant. After the Kree Supreme Intelligence denies to send Yon-Rogg any assistance, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Captain Marvel finally seems to have an idea of who’s behind her problems as she follows one of the sentries…



Batman and Batgirl #21:

I’m glad the Batman and Robin series is still continuing, even if they have other characters filling in for Robin, hence the title name giving away the character featured. Artists Pat Gleason and Mick Gray do an incredible job portraying the sorrow and frustration of Batman coping with the loss of his son Damian. Batgirl attempts to intervene and talk to Bruce, but he recognizes she’s removed the Bat-symbol from her suit as well (after she’s convinced herself that she killed her brother James). Batman goes overboard with frustration and takes it out on anyone around him, criminals and cops equally. This is one of my top books monthly and it leaves me salivating like a hungry dog after every issue…



X-Men Legacy #12:

X-Men Legacy follows Professor X’s son, Legion, aka David Haller. Did I mention he’s the most powerful mutant alive but batsh!t crazy at the same time? In his mind, he’s the warden of a mental asylum of personalities, where he steals the prisoners’ powers and abilities at will. Unfortunately they broke loose… one of the ‘inmates’ is controlling Legion and making him face off the Red Skull, who stole Professor X’s brain. The inmate wants to claim Professor X’s brain for himself, which means defeating the Red Skull and transferring his conscious from Legion to Red Skull. The book has been a little complicated to follow but if you’re looking for a challenge still in the Marvel Universe but something different, this is a good option.



A + X #9:

This series started as AvX Vs. Now it’s a team-up book of Avengers and X-Men, and it has been an extraordinarily atrocious collection of disastrous one-shots. The first team-up of this issue has Captain America and Wolverine, and the only acceptable thing about the story is the art which is given to us beautifully by Humberto Ramos, although the colors didn’t seem their usual vibrant as I expect from Delgado. I provided you with a photo in which Wolverine tells Captain America “You can’t order me around.” Actually YES, he f$@king can. You’re an Avenger, Wolverine, and Captain America leads the Avengers, right? Look all the way up at the very first photo for Uncanny Avengers. I won’t even bring up the point that Wolverine called Captain America ‘Bud’ and not ‘Bub’ in the panel above as you can still see… from that point I was annoyed I wasted $3.99 on this book again, even when I told myself I would not do so.

I also had to look back at who the writer was for this issue, and then it hit me: Nathan Edmondson, who did several issues of Grifter for DC Comics New 52. Now it all makes perfect damn sense… DC Comics sent Nathan Edmondson to Marvel Comics to sabotage the company by desecrating the characters and continuity! Yeah, that’s it… We figured it out. Nice try, DC Comics. You almost had Marvel Comics destroyed. By the way, the second half of this book isn’t worth mentioning because Nathan Edmondson ruined the first half.



Age of Ultron #10:

And now, the finale to Age of Ultron! This issue was a great finish if you’ve been following the series which had it’s own ups and downs. The Superior Spider-Man and Uncanny Avengers tie-ins for the Age of Ultron story were top-notch entries. With the help of Wolverine and Invisible Woman’s time traveling antics, Hank Pym for the first time in his life finally has the means to disable Ultron back to being a manageable house pet. The time traveling has it’s consequences though and the world warps and throws timelines from alternate universes into each other.

Out of this victory over Ultron, we’ll be seeing the negative ramifications in the coming issues which you may be able to see in the photo I provided. One of those which is immediate is the arrival of Angela from Spawn of Image Comics into the Marvel Universe, although I was disappointed that her portion of the issue was very small and constrained. Overall I thought this was a decent book story but didn’t have to be stretched so long. Can’t wait to see what spins out of this! The biggest question of course: will we ever see Ultron again?


Coming up on the next book release from DC Comics is Justice League, Justice League of America, and the highly anticipated Batman/Superman! Marvel also has for us Uncanny X-Men, Daredevil, and the wrap up to Age of Ultron!




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