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Comics Review (July 10, 2013)


Comics Review (July 10, 2013)

Well, I’ve been a little slammed after my successful trip to SuperCon in Miami, FL, but that didn’t stop me from picking up my comics this week! Luckily the load for this post-July 4th week wasn’t too bad. Here’s a few of the titles, with my choice for Book of the Week:


Superman Unchained #2:

Some of you were shocked with my choice of words describing Jim Lee’s artwork (or lack thereof) for the first issue of Superman Unchained. I’m glad this second issue proved my point, in where I made the bold statement that Jim Lee was holding back, maybe because he was… chained… by something. Whatever the case being, we get to see Jim Lee ‘unchained’ (hehe) with more details and less of Scott Williams’ clean up crew and inking. It also felt like Alex Sinclair toned down the colors a tad bit, just slightly, but he still did some incredible shading and color work as expected.

Nevertheless, it may have been because we were lacking the huge explosives and fires and underwater flares that Alex Sinclair was expressive and vibrant with his colors, which I felt saved the first issue of the title. Scott Snyder needs no supervising or judgment because the book is just beginning and he’s doing a wonderful job coasting with a simple understandable storyline while letting the art crew do the hard work of keeping us drooling like lapdogs preparing for dinner.



You can see in the image above how Alex Sinclair added some dazzling colors and effects to give the robot tanks their machinery dust. And as I mentioned check out the incredible detail on the mechanics themselves thanks to the visionary advancement of Jim Lee. Seriously, what the hell? Did the current Jim Lee step into a time machine and send back the Jim Lee from 10 years ago when he was working on HUSH with Jeph Loeb? Whatever the reason be, please continue to put in the work Jim Lee… you’re doing nothing short of making our money worth it based on the art alone.



The Walking Dead #112:

Finally we get to see some action, and it took a damn year after Glenn got his skull bashed in. Rick and the posse return back to their home base to discover Negan is there early and has skewered Spencer to death. Rick demands an explanation and Negan is too absorbed in himself and the relief he provided Rick of Spencer’s betrayal. Having had enough of the bull, Rick decides to take matters into his own hands.



Batman #22:

We dive back into the ‘Zero Year’ story arc with Bruce and his war against the Red Hood gang, whom have now gotten hold of weapons issued by Wayne Enterprise. Bruce’s uncle, Philip Kane, asks for Bruce to meet him at the museum where we see what may be the infamous t-rex that resides currently in the Batcave (we saw the giant penny in the last issue). Uncle Phil tricks Bruce into forcefully being pushed back into the company spotlight by having it set up as a surprise party. As Bruce attempts to leave the museum, he’s cornered by Edward Nygma, whom introduces himself as Phil Kane’s advisor. Bruce is given his very first riddle by E. Nygma who we all know very well in the current timeline as The Riddler. This is the image I chose to represent this month’s issue and I felt it was fantastic – the panels of the riddle look like an ancient game piece with Bruce trying to solve his way out!



Batgirl #22:

Batgirl’s priorities have been thrown out of sync since she killed her crazy brother, James Gordon, whom in reality survived. Barbara Gordon forgets she has a date, and the next day reality hits her when her father reiterates to her that she is all that he has left in Gotham City. In the evening Commissioner Gordon uses the Batsignal to lure in Batman and discusses with him that he plans on bringing in Batgirl for the murder of his son, James. The buildup in this story is intense because Barbara is the Commissioner’s daughter and she had no choice but to put her brother out! If you’re looking for James Gordon, he survived and has been a recurring character in Suicide Squad.



Daredevil #28:

Foggy is now going through radiation treatment and the therapy has Matt Murdock uneasy, because his extra senses can smell the breakdown of Foggy’s cellular content. Back at the office, Matt is surprised by one of his childhood bullies whom is now seeking Matt/Daredevil’s assistance in a wrongful arrest case. To make it difficult, Matt remembers the bully as the last person he recognized before his fateful accident that caused him to go blind.



Suicide Squad #22:

Somehow Director Amanda Waller has once again lied to the Suicide Squad in order to use them to continue on doing her dirty deeds. Harley Quinn and Deadshot are back in love and the whole ‘Squad team up to take down a monster in Vegas. The story is getting pretty good with James Gordon, Commissioner Gordon’s son and Batgirl’s brother, is assumed to be dead in the Batgirl series and is here hiding along. He’s a manipulator just as bad or maybe even worse than Director Waller.



Nightwing #22:

When I saw our good friend Will Conrad from Brazil was the artist for the latest ish of Nightwing, I had to jump on and support! I should have skimmed through the pages because the story wasn’t convincingly strong as Will Conrad’s art has been and always will be high quality. Nightwing is in Chicago, and the city mayor is hiding Tony Zucco. This really is a weak plot because Zucco is the gentleman responsible for the death of Dick Grayson’s family and he just keeps coming back over and over. The Prankster is also tired of the mayor, and blackmails him into returning $52 million that he has stolen from the city. The irony here is 52, as in DC New 52. I’m going to keep reading this title because as mentioned before Will Conrad has stellar artwork and I’m hoping the story can match it.



Uncanny X-Men #8:

And now for the biggest disappointment of the week. And it hurts my heart to say that, my fingertips are also shaking. In the last issue of Uncanny X-Men, Magik absorbed Limbo into herself and was lost in spacetime. She sought out Dr. Strange’s assistance in the past and that was where issue #7 left off… but in this issue, it mentions none of that! She’s just back, and with no explanation of how she went missing, nor how she returned! What the f—? To make the issue even more repulsive, the cover shows Magneto fighting Cyclops which is a widely misleading because it never happens in the book, like they did for All-New X-men #12 where it showed young Cyclops fighting his brother Havok… but they never fought in that issue either. To become even more of a downer and regretful waste of money, all the new characters being introduced are whiny kids. It really feels like Bendis is trying to write his own satirical ‘Wolverine and the X-Men‘and is failing beyond miserably. But the joke really is on us, we’re wasting money on this garbage… the artwork did change back to Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend but honestly that doesn’t even matter at this point. The first issue of this book was a firecracker and now it’s stale, cold meat waiting to get thrown out to the dollar bins at your comic store.


Next week we have Justice League of America diving into the Trinity War. All-New X-Men will hopefully be there to heal my wounds from this week’s horrible Uncanny X-Men book, and then there’s the return of… Carnage?! Stay tuned!




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