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LID ON! Cap Collection

By September 13, 2017

Hey guys, hope all is well in your hood? I have always wanted to make a...

  • The Fight of Fights

    By August 29, 2017

    These past few months I got the chance to work with the great people over at...

  • War Is Coming!

    By July 25, 2017

    Where Thanos goes death is close by like a creeping shadow. The excitement for The Avengers...

  • SpeedPop With Deadpool!

    By July 9, 2016

    SpeedPop With Deadpool! PopHeadShot Speed art since it was highly requested, so here it is, hope...

  • YOUTUBE, We Are Back!!!!

    By July 6, 2016

    Many have been telling me to come back to youtube and make some content and as...

  • PopHeadShot HD Collection

    By July 6, 2016

    PopHeadShots Digital HD Collection in The PROJECT-LGX store (Digital Files) Here is a collection of 100+...

  • ProjectLGX Webstore!

    By June 4, 2016

    The launch of the official Bosslogic WebStore – PROJECT-LGX Here is the only place you can get...

  • We Are Back!

    By January 19, 2016

    Well we have always been here so the title is a little misleading haha. We are...


    By October 26, 2014

    Thought of having some fun on my instagram while i learn illustrator with this series i...

  • SSV – What it means to me!

    By July 11, 2014

    You guys all know me as Bosslogic, well most of you do anyway, thought i would...

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