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Attack on Avengers!

Been waiting to read this crossover since i heard it was being made, thanks to the REDDIT post we get to read the first issue. God damn 8 pages is not enough but at least we can see that we are getting the Guardians in the next issue ūüėÄ Hi-res pages here¬†1,¬†2,¬†3,¬†4,¬†5,¬†6,¬†7,¬†8 Source REDDIT¬† Follow […]

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Word around town is that Jared Leto is being eyed to play the Joker I think he would do a great job, but I‚Äôm sure the internet will have its rants in 3‚Ķ.2‚Ķ.1‚Ķ‚Ķ.   New updates confirming¬†Margot Robbie to play Harley Quinn in the¬†SUICIDE SQUAD, I ain’t even mad, she is fine and she can […]

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Thought of having some fun on my instagram while i learn illustrator with this series i call The Bubble Series that ill be adding characters from everything i love ūüėÄ FOLLOW ME HERE FOR MORE UPDATES BOSS IG FOLLOW ME HERE FOR MORE UPDATES BOSS IG¬† Follow on¬†bosslogicInc on¬†Facebook¬†//¬†Twitter//¬†Instagram¬†  

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Shadowloo Showdown V // Last Man Standing

In just under 2 weeks time some of the worlds best fighting game players will battle it out for prize, fame and glory in Melbourne, Australia at Shadowloo Showdown V, who will be the last man standing? In collaboration with the great man and super talented rapper SHAXE we present this video as a hype […]

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Heroes Reborn

I woke up to the greatest news today, Heroes drops a teaser trailer of its return called Heroes Reborn, I’m not going to lie i did get a tear in my eye. Season 1 of the original was done so well it felt like i was really flipping pages of a comicbook i love, the […]

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Shadowloo Showdown Art Tribute Book

Finally after a long wait the Shadowloo Showdown Tribute book E-version is out and available to download. I would like to take a minute to thank each and every artist that contributed to the book, lots of amazing talent out there and I’m glad i got to see them, hope you all enjoy the art […]

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Artist Spotlight – Yoshihara Motoki

Here are some of¬†Yoshihara‘s works With great pleasure we bring to you some amazing illustrations by our good friend ¬†Yoshihara Motoki. His works are some of the best we have seen, from shading all the way to dynamics, also his fan art is on point, draws them as if they are his very own, all […]

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Remember Who You Are

Social media and the internet in general is much like a digital high school; we‚Äôve got the ever-so popular kids, the emotional ones who lacked parental love, and then we have those that fake it until they make it. Mingling amongst them are the bullies. The geeks and nerds are confusing to differentiate from one […]

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