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Comics Review (June 12, 2013)

Wowsers! After reading Superman Unchained #1 and watching Man of Steel in theaters the next day, I can say I’ve had my fill of Superman for the month. Welcome to another weekly review of book releases, and what may be the biggest book dropped by DC Comics this year! Let’s not waste any time, start […]

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New Comics (June 12, 2013)

Hover over and hit the “PLAY” button above! Once again friend Aaron from ‘A Comic Shop‘ covers great books available starting today. DC Comics is going to be without a doubt on fire this week with their sales, and may even have a chance to pull ahead on digital and physical units/volume moved for the […]

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Comics Review (June 5, 2013)

Last week was a pretty light load compared to the goodies that Marvel and DC Comics decided to give us this first week of June. So instead of me holding you back from the goodies, let’s dive right in with… Superior Spider-Man #11: This has to be the most incredible breakthrough mainstream title coming strong […]

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DC Comics: Your Villains Have Arrived

September is going to be special at DC Comics where they’re giving a month of the year to those we love to hate, and hate to love, the notorious villains! As if our curiosity wasn’t peaked to see what occurs when Lex Luthor, LOBO, or The Joker take over a whole book during this New […]

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New Comics (June 5, 2013)

Hover over and hit the “PLAY” button above! Our friend Aaron from ‘A Comic Shop‘ highlights some great books releasing this week. DC Comics has for us Green Lantern #21, continuing immediately after the departure of Geoff Johns. With a new writer after nine years of Johns’ Lanterning, DC Comics is offering an incentive by […]

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Comics Review (May 29, 2013)

I’m going to try cranking these out earlier so you have a better idea of what books to buy and how to spend your hard earned cash. And with that, I welcome you to the book review for the week of May 29, 2013! In this, we outline a few of the latest comics to […]

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Remember Who You Are

Social media and the internet in general is much like a digital high school; we’ve got the ever-so popular kids, the emotional ones who lacked parental love, and then we have those that fake it until they make it. Mingling amongst them are the bullies. The geeks and nerds are confusing to differentiate from one […]

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MashUp The Place

We all like to see our favorite characters mashed with other things we love and when they are done right, it is a great pleasure to see. Here is a collection of mashups from various talented artists, they mix it very well 😀  Oh and i threw in a few of my own Props to […]

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The Passion of Patrick Stewart

We know Sir Patrick Stewart as a strong actor playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek, Professor X in the X-Men saga, his memes on the Internet showing his surprise reaction to silliness, and easily over 100 other professional, physical or voice acting roles and cameos. We can read words and staged interviews all day […]

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Meet The New Autobots

Well Transformers 4 is another movie I am excited to see but at the same time worried that it is too much of a change from the original, I really do hope Mark Wahlberg fits the part, I do have faith in him since he is a great actor. Thanks to Michael Bay and his official website, […]

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