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Florida SuperCon 2013!

Event Coverage

Florida SuperCon 2013!

We’re glad you’ve made it here! I’m very pleased to share our latest adventure with you and believe me we’ve well documented the incredible journey.

Being held at the same location for eight (8) consecutive years, it’s safe to say that the Florida SuperCon in Miami, Florida is a solid event and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Please note that this entry and those similar on our site are best enjoyed if you read the words with the photos to absorb the sensational experience.

And with that…

BossLogic, Inc. proudly presents: Florida SuperCon


If you arrived at the Miami airport, the Miami Airport Convention Center ran a shuttle to their location that made it very quick and easy to access within a few moments. Being connected to the Doubletree Hotel, you also had access to a great bar or welcome to leave using taxi services or Miami’s general transportation services to explore the beautiful city.

Let us begin by starting with the incredible lineup of comic guests…


One of the featured Guests of Honor was Dave Gibbons, co-creator of the Watchmen. It was incredible having Dave over, he was very splendid to chat with and offered great insight and advice.



Another extraordinary Guest of Honor was legendary Allen Bellman, who provided us with the gift of early concepts and art for Golden Age Captain America and Human Torch, amongst other work as well.



Not to be left out, and also his own legend that we’re very thankful for, is George Pérez; George lives 20 minutes away from me and I see him pretty frequently so seeing him outside of our local comic shop and surrounding events is always fun.



Bob Layton is well known for his Bronze Age contributions of art to Marvel, most notably Iron Man, but also Captain America and The Incredible Hulk. I’m pretty sure Bob is a Florida local, and we’ve seen each other a few times this year already so instead of a smile, I got this look of surprise!



The excitable Greg Horn is also a Florida resident, and also seen me earlier this year at a few Cons; likewise when I greeted him at his enormous setup he whipped out a portfolio titled “TOP SECRET”. The contents were art samples and test prints for future Marvel work he had not yet been granted permission to release but I assure you they’re going to be certified bangers when they go on sale. Can’t wait to pick those up and add them to my collection of other Greg Horn art I have plastered on my walls.



My favorite part of the 2008 Deadpool run is the cover art Jay Pearson provided us in many of the issues for the first half of the series. The print he’s holding up is one that I have perviously purchased and hanging on one of my bedroom walls.



This as my first time meeting Rags Morales and it was an incredible pleasure. I deeply complimented his work on Action Comics with Grant Morrison. We also learned a little about each other outside of comics, random topics such as Pennsylvanian geographical culture. Thanks for the good times, Rags!



I know you’ve all been enjoying the recent artwork Olivier Coipel has provided us in the newest X-Men ongoing, and Olivier literally wore his appreciation for the opportunity as well! If you read our comic reviews, you’ve seen my praises for his involvement. I’m not sure if Olivier is residing her stateside but his Con schedule appearances are pretty high compared to last year.



After several conversational tweets back and forth throughout the 2013 year, seeing Paolo Rivera in person again was a familiar feeling like being around an old school friend. This time he brought along his father, Joe Rivera, who does a majority if his inking on some of his comic art and covers. This was my first time meeting his father, Mr. Rivera, and it was an incredible pleasure! You should be pretty familiar with Paolo’s work, more recently Daredevil and Green Hornet, both with Mark Waid. We’ll go more in depth on Paolo Rivera in a future entry for the site…



Paolo Rivera is also well known by fans for his Con commission paintings and sketches. If you got lucky, Mr. Rivera had a hand in it as well! Paolo does a pre-convention list where he finishes your work before coming to the show; that list fills up rather quickly for the obvious reasons and demand for Paolo’s work! Remember to support your favorite artists by getting commissions, they make great art pieces for your personal collection.



If someone mentions X-Men Noir, Dennis Calero‘s art is the most memorable part of it all. Shortly after Florida SuperCon finished, it was announced that Dennis Calero was the artist in Steve Niles’ upcoming Ash and the Army Of Darkness series. Congratulations, Dennis!



Here’s a commission Dennis Calero had on his booth spot at the Con. Like millions of fans out there, we deeply love Batman here as well.



I’ve known Dexter Vines from many previous Cons and other activities outside of comics. It was fun catching up to him again, especially with his huge successful work on Nova with Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. They (Ed + Dex) have a new project coming soon which I’ll mention in another site post specifically dedicated to Dexter Vines.



The best part about coming to a Con and speaking with some of your favorite artists is seeing their actual original work that was published. Here’s one of the original comic art pages for Nova inked by Dexter Vines!



Brad Walker was also on hand! In this photo he’s discussing art techniques with a fan. Some of Brad’s recent work is seen boldly in Action Comics.



As mentioned above, it’s a fan’s treat to touch and feel original comic art. Brad Walker’s Action Comics pages are seen here. He also accidentally brought one of his unpublished Thanos Imperative pages which blew our minds! Sorry but I wasn’t allowed to get a photo of it.



When I spoke with Georges Jeanty, he’s pretty excited on wrapping up the comic art for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and bringing his talent to DC Comics’ Batman: The Dark Knight for their Villain’s Month in September. Can’t wait to see it, Georges!



Tony Bedard is also doing his part contributing proportionately to the DC Comics Villain’s Month, specifically the Aquaman and Superman titles respectively. You should be familiar with Tony’s work as the writer for Blue Beetle and Green Lantern: New Guardians. Looking forward to this as well…



If you’ve ever felt yourself short of breath while looking at the most recent issue cover arts of Journey Into Mystery featuring Lady Sif, you can thank Jeff Dekal for that! I showed him our comic reviews and my praises for his stellar cover art introductions and he seemed very appreciative. Believe us Jeff, the honor is ours!



Ron Garney was being funny and wanted to have his own special postured pose; I let him have his way… this time 🙂 Ron has a ton of Marvel credentials under his belt, but more recently he’s worked as the artist with Sam Humphries on Uncanny X-Force for the Marvel NOW initiative.



You might recognize this handsome guy as Clay Mann, although he’s easily mistaken as a Calvin Klein model! Even better, you’ve had to have noticed his art in the new Gambit series. Like a few of the folks I mentioned above, Clay is a local Florida resident so I see him several times throughout the year.



Artist Jorge Molina was talking to a cosplayer and I thought it was a great opportunity for a shot.



Now here’s something interesting… to the left is legend Dave Gibbons talking art detail with the young and talented Jerome Opeña, armed with a tuna sandwich! In the background, Olivier Coipel is gawking while Jeff Dekal is checking out his work 😀



Eric Basaldua, better known as the artist ‘Ebas‘, was finishing up a commission when he saw me coming with the camera. Great pose, man! You’ve undoubtedly seen Ebas’ work with beautiful women from Grimm Fairy Tales and other titles.



Braden Lamb does the artwork for the Adventure Time comics; it was very generous of him to offer free sketches to children and younger attendees that were excited to see Finn, Jake, and their other favorite characters on the huge booth display setup. I happened to walk by and saw Braden finishing a sketch on the back of an iPad, which was incredibly brave… couldn’t catch it on camera in time though.



Mark Gil Perez was one of the many creative independent artists that I met through a mutual friend. It was a great pleasure and we can’t wait to feature Mark in the future, as well as his progress. You can check his work out at his Facebook fanpage right here!



An upcoming artist describes his work and partnership to one of the Con attendees. I felt like it was a great picture moment to show the interaction created from our common interests.



With the trying times of the World, and the current events surrounding our blessed country (God bless the U.S.A.), some artists feel the need to address their concerns and we should respect that. This political art is physically harmless, yet makes a bold statement and attractive conversation piece.



Future comic artist in the making! People suggest you start your kids off early. We decided not to identify who’s child this was, but he’s off to a great start!


Comic conventions have expanded beyond the comic book to include other forms of media and pop culture. Here’s some of the celebrity personalities whom were on hand to celebrate with us…


While my friend was getting his book signed by the honorable George Takei, I asked him if he’s really the one running his monstrous social networking Facebook and Twitter connections. George, better known as Star Trek‘s ‘Mr. Sulu’, shook my hand and said “Of course, who else could it be!” For a few more moments I watched George engage his fans and watched his passion radiate amongst them. His interactions were easily one of the biggest uplifting moments of the SuperCon experience for attendees, to see someone so huge in sci-fi history also be big on loving back their fans while being considerably humble as if we measured just as equally important.



Another treat was talking with the top television personalities of AMC’s Comic Book Men, in order: Bryan Johnson, Mike Zapcic, and Ming Chen. I feel like this is the only Con where you could immerse yourself with these guys without interruption, who are well known internationally with their show at one point following subsequently The Walking Dead. Many people are often concerned with Bryan’s stern attitude towards Ming and his other activities during the show at the Secret Stash comic store, but Bryan explained that this is how they really are and there is no acting involved in the show making, nor any harm to egos as they’ve all been friends for many years! Kevin Smith himself also appeared but only on the last day, and it was pretty difficult to see him for that.



Speaking of The Walking Dead, Laurie Holden, who portrays Andrea, was at the show! In the season finale of the last aired episode, her character dramatically passed away, but that did not take away from her popularity at the Con!



How about more The Walking Dead cast members? Travis Love plays ‘Shumpert’, better known as one of the Governor’s henchmen. I caught him walking around and recognized him pretty quickly.



From the opening scenes of the very first episode of The Walking Dead, young Addy Miller clutches her teddy bear and chases Rick. Her role as the ‘Little Girl Zombie’ is significant to the opening of one of the most watched television series of all time.



Our last The Walking Dead guest was Theodus Crane, whom portrayed the prisoner Big Tiny!



Veronica Taylor is best known for being the voice of Ash Ketchum on Pokémon, but also was April O’Neil for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.



Eric Stuart was also a Pokémon voice actor, specifically Brock and James on Team Rocket.



Growing up, a lot of us remember coming home from school to watch the original Power Rangers television show. David Yost was Billy, the original Blue Ranger. There was several more of the cast members from that show here at the Con.



You might recognize actress Jennifer Spence as Dr. Lisa Park from the Star Gate Universe. But if you recently saw Sharknado, then she was also the one in the commercials for Continuum.



When I walked up to legendary wrestler Sgt. Slaughter‘s table, I asked him if he’d be willing to put me in a Cobra Clutch 😀 I think that was the only time I saw him laugh out loud!


Also critical to the convention are the vendors. They provide us with not only comics and other collectible commodities, but also discounted goods that may often be harder to obtain due to rarity or import taxations. Let’s take a look at some of the vendors…


I was very thankful for Phil’s Comic Shoppe coming through when I forgot some of my own comics at home to get signed here at the show. You can read about Operation Green Lantern where they helped nab comic criminals!



I love Greg Reece’s priceless collection of rare comics! I’ve contacted Greg before when I was looking for a very rare Batman issue last year. If you’re ever looking for something rare, I highly suggest working with Greg, he will use his resources to find your comic!



There was some pretty cool, high quality scrolls for sale right here. This photo however is dedicated to the founder of BossLogic, Inc., and my managing partner here at the blog… he’ll know why!



The detail on some of these imported mini-statues is incredible. You’ll recognize this as Chopper from One Piece.



Here’s another one from different vendor. Off the famous manga and anime K-On!, this is band member Yui Hirasawa From the group Ho-Kago Tea Time. Yes, it’s a little scary that I know that…



These incredible pieces are glowing etched glass. I asked them if they had a website so I could pick out something to order later but sadly they did not. Hope to catch them at a later show because these are beautiful!



Shoulder Buddies are great fun for kids and adults. Glad to have seen them out here.



These were some awesome made popcorn treats, and the vendor looked equally majestic in her unicorn cosplay. I tried looking on the SuperCon website to see who the vendor was but the name doesn’t match anything so if you can identify it, I’d greatly appreciate it.



You just can’t say no to Pocky and other imported goodness! These are great affordable snacks at the Con to hold you over until you actually take a food break. *chomp!*



Here’s some plushies, including Capcom and Nintendo character amongst others. These are significantly cheaper than buying them and having them actually shipped out from overseas. They make great gifts too, you should see my Kirby collection!



I believe this was my first time seeing a solely dedicated vendor for Dotor Who collectables. With the show’s great popularity washing over the United States, I’m welcomed to see this!



“I sense great vulnerability. A man-child crying out for love. An innocent orphan in the post-modern world!” Introducing to you… The Kramer.



These were really beautiful pieces but I had to tone down the colors on the vibrant art to save you retinal damage. Thank me later 🙂



Cory Smith had some explosive realistic art for sale that blew my mind. I encourage you to check out more of his work on his Deviant Art Page.



I’ve seen Morgan Wilson’s work several times before. You can follow her journey with her company Lux Nova Studio on Facebook.



Please don’t mind me, I loved this art piece 😀



This vendor was selling some pretty awesome masks; no doubt you’ve seen the infamous Horse Head Masks before, but the luchador masks were very beautiful as well.



Pretty nifty replica of Punisher’s Captain America shield as seen in the comics.



I’ve followed Jessie Melero ever since I discovered he did Alexia’s famous body paint for her Mary Jane photoshoot. You can contact Jessie through his Facebook page or e-mail address in the photo.



Here’s some more of Jessie’s work. You can see his meticulous hand sculpted masks, and he’s even suited up in the photo the the left.



Talk about a vintage sewing machine! I made sure to change the camera setting so you could see it in better detailed action amongst their older fashion statements they created.



This fine gentleman’s chain mail was very real so I wanted to get it in higher detail photo. I’m sure if he were attacked by a shark it would minimize his wounds and probably save him.


Probably more important than any convention’s guest list are the actual attendees! They wouldn’t be here if not for you. These cosplayers allow their devotion and dedication to be expressed proudly through their display, and deserve a big portion of this feature…


Shortly after this photo was taken, I was shot… but luckily the bullet only grazed me! This Red Hood cosplayer’s mask looked pretty similar to Jessie’s design above but with a lot more gloss of a finish. No disrespect if this isn’t Jessie’s work, because they both look great! You can put the gun away now, Jason Todd.



You know it’s not a good Con unless there’s a full battle suited Storm Trooper attending! We were blessed to have several of them lineup for photos, and other random Troopers got dragged in as well, such as this gentleman trooper in his business suit who was no doubt on his way to make a proposal to his managing station boss on the Death Star.



One of the leading cosplay ambassadors was Alexia Jean Grey; even though she is local to Florida, Alexia is well known internationally thanks to her talent and attention to detail when suiting up. Her newest form as you see in this photo is a Vegeta themed Saiyan Princess!



Also an international cosplay star but visiting from the West Coast, we were grateful to have Rosanna Rocha in attendance! Although she did suit up in her infamous Starfire cosplay later on in the weekend, it was hard to reach her again so we’ll catch up to Rosanna later this year.



What a lovely, lovely voice! Bane was singing me a song 😀



I found it a bit odd that Sub Zero had such a terrific suit on but was wearing a latex mask. He was a handsome guy underneath and I mentioned that Mortal Kombat 3‘s Sub Zero never wore a mask and could have fit perfectly.



Being that it was July 4th weekend, this undead Uncle Sam fit right in theme!



I’m pretty sure, being that we’re in Florida, this thick suit was hot to wear even for Charizard. It really did look good though and he got requested for several photos while we stood there.



I stopped Wonder Woman and asked for a quick photo before she ventured off to her next battle. You can’t see it but she had a matching WW backpack on as well.



While I was grabbing the escalator, I caught this beautiful Resident Evil HUNK cosplayer! He had on hand a rocket launcher, grenade launcher, with numerous other weapon assemblies as well as the visible helmet camera gear and other squadron accessories. I was very amused and wanted to catch him but sadly we were going opposite directions and he was never seen again.



Like his character being portrayed, this Jack Sparrow kept moving and was a tad bit busy so I couldn’t get a great shot. Savvy?



Another creative cosplay I loved. If you don’t know what movie this is from, or the name Wayne Szalinski is unfamiliar to you, you may be too young! 😀



Op… op… Oppan Gundam Style!



This little girl took a photo with a beautifully blue Mystique cosplayer, and after the photo the child gave her a tight hug and wouldn’t let go! Moments like these are rewarding to us as witnesses and the children who feel like they’re meeting the actual hero in real life.



A really awesome, rocking Master Chief from the HALO series with battle damage scarring on his armor, and helmet lights. Some serious crafting went down for this one!



I found it pretty interesting coming across this modern Snow White cosplay. There is no rulebook or instruction saying what you can and can’t do when becoming your favorite character. Break the barriers 😀



I loved this Dr. Doom – the metallic armors looked very heavy, but the best part was the wool cloth. When standing close enough you could see the thick thread lines.



Elektra was dressed to kill, and came with her friend who cosplayed as the Punisher! I instantly knew they read the comics because in the current Thunderbolts comic, Elektra and Punisher are secretly lovers.



Canti from FLCL (spelled out as ‘Fooly Cooly’ in America) standing tall above crowd on stilts! I think he returned the next day as…



The dreadful Slender Man! He could have been the same guy as Canti above, since I didn’t see anyone else using stilts over the weekend.



When I caught this photo of the awesome Master Roshi, I had not noticed the nearly topless girl behind him. Even though she had a splash of body paint on, please keep in mind that kids and children attend these events and they’re meant to be safe and fun for all family members.



It ain’t a party ’til Deadpool shows up! I loved his custom D’pool guns and other random pistols and weaponry he kept on him.



Although cosplaying should not be limited to any specific gender, skin tone, or nationality, this X-23 looked like she leapt right out of the comics.



A tale of two Lokis! On the left you should be familiar with The Avengers movie version, and on the right Loki took a female form during the Dark Reign saga in the comics.



And I have no idea who he was supposed to be 😀 But he did a pretty good job with his acoustic guitar!


In these last concluding photos will be general attending public…


I’m always thankful for my ability to feasibly travel and make it to these events. Seeing familiar faces always makes me feel like I’m still at home. Here’s Aaron Haaland whom you may recognize as the owner of A Comic Shop, the videos we showcase every week for new comic book releases.



Meeting new friends is also rewarding. We were Facebook friends before actually meeting in person but Luis Rivera is fairly local, from Heroes’ Haven. He’s excited to just have received his Paolo Rivera commission.



You’ll sometimes run into someone who shares your common interest, which helps you take the first step across the bridge of friendship. Awkwardly exciting to watch, it had to be their matching Horse Head Masks.



In between shopping and scoping the convention, designated media panels were setup for you to enjoy and learn more about your favorite shows, comics, or celebrities.



Inside the Doubletree Hotel which led to the Miami International Airport Convention Center, there was a food hall where many folks entering or leaving would stop by to grab a bite. The traffic there was always thick so I assume the food was good too 🙂



For those looking for a more melodic retreat, several bands were setup ranging from all genres rock and hip hop.



In the game room were several computer stations setup for both friendly and competitive FPS and MMORPG experiences. The facility and it’s sponsors provided some great gear, but some attendees brought their own custom accessories as well.



This is a very small portion of the huge crowd of people before the cosplay contest!



On stage for the cosplay contest was a familiar narcissistic Loki displaying his spear.



While I was walking through the crowds, I wanted a photo of how easy it was to navigate through the area. You weren’t completely suffocated like you are at other Cons I’ve been to this year.



Here was some amazing theatrical acting involved in a fight scene between Link (right) and Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask.



And that’s a wrap!!


We really hope you’ve enjoyed sharing our experience with us and if you haven’t been to any of these types of events, let this serve as some sort of visual motivation to get you to come out!

There are still tons of other photos that I want to show you, and we’ll have a gallery dedicated to those photos right here.

We also welcome you to “LIKE” the BossLogic, Inc. friend and fanpage, where we will continue to serve you with more exciting features and event coverages!

Stay tuned! Until next time…





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