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Batman: The Dark Knight #21 – Original Art For Sale


Batman: The Dark Knight #21 – Original Art For Sale

Original comic book art is notorious for costing big money, but times have changed. What once was a highly sought item for the hardcore collector has declined in existence due to the natural advancement of technology; modern artists a decade ago drew their comics on hard paper, scanned them into a computer and had their colorists digitally add the tones and vibrant colors applied. Nowadays, thanks to the accuracy and precision of programs, an artist can save money on art supplies and materials and draw directly into their apps or tablets with no fear of mistakes because cleaning up a digital is more simpler than a hard copy.

For the few bold artists that have resisted the completely digital change, they have an avenue to share or sell their original pieces as means of extra revenue. Normally when comics are finished and published, those go up for sale and usually find their way to that individual’s preferred art dealer, eBay, or Comic Art Fans.

This set is from the most recent issue, Batman: The Dark Knight #21, which went on sale last Wednesday – June 26th, 2013. The artist is none other than our good friend Ethan Van Sciver from DC Comics who’s very well known for his Flash and Green Lantern runs with Geoff Johns. He has listed several of these pages on eBay, which you can see here, the remaining few left at auction at a comfortable bidding price around $200.00, which is a goddamn steal.

I encourage you to open these images wide (right click > open in new window) so you can see them in higher resolutions pre- and post-processing, and catch their incredible details, which I will describe some of my favorite things.


On this particular image, I like how Ethan Van Sciver drew out Commissioner Gordon’s eyes behind the glasses in blue pencil (which doesn’t scan) instead of completely ignoring it. This is Ethan’s natural artistic instinct to complete the human anatomy.


The colors on this issue were done by the talented Hi-Fi; I love the way the checkered colored tiles are portrayed on the final product.


Once again, check out the incredible details. From Ethan’s imagination you can see the horse with boxing gloves and rendition of Humpty-Dumpty. From the color and design aspect, check out the galaxy layout color behind the centered image of The Mad Hatter’s face in the colored final.


Once again the colors are tremendous. Check out the reflection of the digital screens against Alfred’s presence, as well as Bruce’s sun tan!


I didn’t want to spoil the details of what happened but this was what seemed like a more simpler page to work with.


The difference between black and white to the coloring is like the style of clothing on a person. We can feel an additional attitude thanks to the added lettering of the “whoosh” of Batman’s cape and action.

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Special thanks go out to Ethan Van Sciver for offering his original art for sale at such a huge discount. If you skipped all my words above and still want the link to where you can bid to purchase these pages, click here to go.

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