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BLX 1v1: Jason Aaron


BLX 1v1: Jason Aaron

Welcome to this blog’s very first appropriately titled ‘Bosslogic One on One’ (BLX 1v1).

I was thankful to be able to spend time with one of Marvel’s biggest creators, holding down many premiere book titles as well as co-signing on some of the biggest selling Marvel Universe crossover events.

While most of our conversations were beyond a measure of words, we were able to ask some general questions that our fans asked and we’d like to share that back with you.


BossLogic: Jason, we’re glad to have you back in Florida! The last time we talked you were fresh and exclusive only to Marvel. How’s that been for you?

Jason Aaron: Thanks and it’s been incredible with the work flow and surrounding support by staff and creators. I’m looking forward to renegotiating my stay!

BossLogic: That’s awesome. You’ve knocked down some pretty high profile titles after Ghost Rider. Just to name a few: Wolverine: Weapon X, Punisher MAX, X-Men: Schism, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine vol. 4, Avengers vs. X-Men, and probably more stories and ones-shots I can’t think of… What has been your favorite title to work on?

Jason Aaron: Both Wolverine and the X-Men AND Thor: God of Thunder! As a writer, you’re always excited on what you’re doing at the current time.


BossLogic: We’ve also followed your progress and research preparation for Thor: God of Thunder. It looked like an intense study session. How long did that take?

Jason Aaron: With well over 600 issues of Thor and relevant Journey Into Mystery I’m still not finished. I’ve learned a lot but there’s so much more I want to talk about! Ask me about the Nine Worlds, from Alfheim to Vanaheim.

BossLogic: What Marvel book are you deep into other than your own?

Jason Aaron: Fury MAX definitely! I love Goran Parlov’s art. At some point I’ll probably want to steal away Goran Parlov for myself! *laughs*


BossLogic: Also from the last time we spoke, we took your recommendation and picked up Who is Jake Ellis? What non-Marvel book are you enjoying?

Jason Aaron: The Sixth Gun by Cullen Bun, published by Oni Press! I’ve been hooked. It’s been good since issue #1.

BossLogic: Touchy question but we have to really know… Who decided to kill Professor X in Avengers vs. X-Men?

Jason Aaron: Bendis! That was all Bendis! I’ll say though that I was implicit of killing Nightcrawler! *laughs*


BossLogic: With Scalped completed, and you writing Wolverine and The X-Men, Thor: God of Thunder, and Thanos Rising, is there any chance of you doing another independent / creator owned title?

Jason Aaron: Yes! This year you should know what it will be, but I don’t know when the release is expected from now.

BossLogic: For the friends and fans that weren’t able to be here today, what Conventions are you attending this year?

Jason Aaron: Heroes Convention in Charlotte a week from now, Cincy Comicon in September, and I believe that’s it. Taking a week off from work for those hurts a lot.


BossLogic: Be real with us here. Can you tell us about any upcoming future Marvel crossover events?

Jason Aaron: Not if I want to get fired! *laughs* X-Men: Battle of the Atom will be here very, very soon. It’ll run through the X-titles and that’s all I can say!

BossLogic: Any final words of encouragement for any writers or artists out there trying to go pro?

Jason Aaron: Yes! Don’t stop! Both are a hard business to break into and no matter what, no matter who you are, you WILL get turned down. But don’t give up! Never f**king quit!! Wait, can I use profanity?…


Behind the Scenes: A COMIC SHOP

We also wanted to show you what happens at the surroundings of the location for this feature, a beautiful place located in Orlando, Florida known as ‘A Comic Shop‘.

A Comic Shop is an Eisner-nominated comic book store, voted “Best of Orlando” in the Orlando Weekly paper for six years straight. A Comic Shop also produces a weekly comic preview video, A Comic Show, which we share here every week and add our own input.


Before walking in, you can see current promos and pieces decorating the doorway to entry.


Here’s a wall dedicated to the Green Lantern epics we’ve grown to love over the last few years and beyond. It’s like a shrine.


For any fans that had not prepared or left their items behind, some assorted Jason Aaron titles were on display for you to purchase and get signed. You can see him on the right scoping the area.


The shop owner Aaron is being himself… I should have blurred his face out to save you the mental image being burned into your mind haha.


Adam Tyler from GeekRest, one of my favorite pages on Facebook with great videos at the end of the week. He seems shy in person. Someday he’ll notice my friend request 😀


Tony Baldini aka ‘Tony the Draw Friend’ as you’ve probably seen in several episodes of A Comic Show.


While we waited for Jason Aaron’s arrival, The Avengers was playing on a few of the t.v.’s in the back.


For those curious of the limitations, Jason Aaron signed whatever you brought him. Many folks brought boxes of comics dating several years back.


The Infinity Gauntlet that granted Jason Aaron power to alter reality and make him an incredible writer!… actually it’s a ‘Hulk Smash‘ hand painted gold with plastic gems added to it. I may have to make one to wear to my next Cons and pose for photos.


Jason Aaron engaged in a conversation with a fan. Were you wondering why he looked so bright? Check the next photo.


The lights on the bar are Question Block lamps as seen in Super Mario Bros., and they give off an annoying yellow. Not the funnest color to counter in photo editing programs, so I didn’t worry about it much.


To give an idea of the immediate line before more people arrived…


Sorry for anyone caught off guard in the photo, but pictures are best when people aren’t aware of a camera presence.


The line heading back inside wrapping around. Met some interesting people and we talked about past experiences with some of our other comic writers and artists we enjoy being around in and outside of Cons.


We waited in line a second go to spend more time talking with Jason Aaron which he didn’t seem to mind.

And that’s a wrap. Hope you guys enjoyed this as much as we did!





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