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Remember Who You Are

Social media and the internet in general is much like a digital high school; we’ve got the ever-so popular kids, the emotional ones who lacked parental love, and then we have those that fake it until they make it. Mingling amongst them are the bullies. The geeks and nerds are confusing to differentiate from one another. The troublemakers are hard to find because they’re on the run or locked up, aka ‘detention’. Hot on their heels are trend followers trying to fit in. The rarest of them all we have the kind hearted people, an exceptional breed, whom do great things and seemingly were given life to go out and help everyone, including strangers and those who don’t deserve the second chances they’re given.

I know in my personal life I never felt I had to make these forceful decisions upon myself; I chose to do things differently where I did not have to impress others. This choice I elected had paved a way for me to gain more time for my self-improvement and personal achievements, but had I not made that decision then it would most likely have been the reason for the delay of me being where I had wanted to be.

I’ve noticed a lot of people making that mistake in a new evolved way (social networking) where they would do shockingly anything to impress complete strangers just to evoke a feeling of being mildly relevant. To them I ask with great heart and concern: What is wrong with being just ‘You’? If being ‘You’ is hard, is it not worth more to succeed from where that ‘You’ is now?

Just remember in due time we grow up and graduate from that ‘high school’ phase and there are hard regrets when we look back on the solid bridges we’ve burned and the skeletal bone walkways built off the casualties of friendships destroyed. Social media and this pseudo-fulfillment need to stay relevant is an infinite black hole sapping energy with no end in sight, so it’s up to you to make the decision whether or not you truly enjoy being someone you are not. Break the cycle or repeat the pattern until you burn out.

Be wary that close people that you would have called friends have transformed into strangers you never intended to meet.