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The Passion of Patrick Stewart


The Passion of Patrick Stewart

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We know Sir Patrick Stewart as a strong actor playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek, Professor X in the X-Men saga, his memes on the Internet showing his surprise reaction to silliness, and easily over 100 other professional, physical or voice acting roles and cameos.

We can read words and staged interviews all day but in this recent captured video from Comicpalooza 2013, we see the emotion behind Patrick Stewart’s open feminist movement to rally for the safety of women and children, and his plea for men to stand up and take control of their future. Sir Patric Stewart reflects that he has recently learned through expert analysis his father returning from World War II was perhaps suffering from a serious evolved case of post traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”), in which resulted the abuse of his mother and him as a child left helplessly to watch and suffer as well.

In their legacy, Sir Patric Stewart announces outside of acting he strongly stands behind movements supporting the safety of women and children in abused homes as well as strides toward the recovery of combatants susceptible to PTSD returning home from war time.

The young woman whom asked the question has openly admitted she is recovering safely from a recent episode of sexual abuse and how difficult it is for woman to stand up alone in a male dominant world where speaking out as a hurt female can backfire and bring a curtain of shame. Once again Sir Patric Stewart relates to where his mother was blamed for the abuse brought on by his father and he firmly contends that for males, violence should never be an answer towards females.

It is incredible to see one of the few good guys, a world renowned actor, doing something for the greater good instead of living a traditional Hollywood lifestyle of cocaine and alcohol abuse. While statistics show children absorb the negativity of their broken home and grow up with a black heart and spread more of their volatile hatred multiplied by the compounded years of abuse, Sir Patric Stewart was able to channel his emotion and turn it around and save generations of the future with his donations and leading by example. We hope more males watch and agree to this.



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