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Just Got Serious – MadXCollector


Just Got Serious – MadXCollector

Massive fan of MadXcollectors creations, he seems to know everything I like, just to name a few, SSj3 Goku, Captain America, Wolverine and my favorite Magento, but just recently he released his Joker piece and my god it’s glorious, the amount of detail in it is mind blowing, also capturing the sadistic nature that is the Joker.

Check it out
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I will post this as an extra because it is simply just stunning
Be sure to connect with MadX to see all the amazing works he has to offer.

Follow MadXcollector on Youtube for some awesome breakdowns  // MadX on facebook 
Hope to get my own from his collection, get some awesome shots.



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An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

  • Kento

    I honestly hate this version of the joker, but I can’t deny the work that went into it is amazing. I just think it’s too weird of a departure for the character and I still don’t understand the rationale behind it.

    • Kode Subject

      I really dig it, reason being i always saw Joker too comical, now he is sinister

      • Kento

        It usually depends on the writer’s interpretation of the character. You look at him in Arkham City and he’s sinister and twisted, broken as a human being. Look at him in The Killing Joke and tell me that’s not sinister.

        Now he has to be sinister. It’s such a drastic change and there’s no real going back from it. It forces the writers to write him one way, and that’s never good.

        • Kode Subject

          yeah i can see what you mean

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