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Anti-Hero Returns In John Layman’s Detective Comics #22


Anti-Hero Returns In John Layman’s Detective Comics #22

Anti-Batman is set to make his comeback in the New 52 debut in writer John Layman’s current run of Detective Comics #22!

Just to recap, Way back when New 52 began the Detective line, we saw both amazing art and story by Tony Daniel who had just wrapped up the grand finale to the primary Batman title pre-New 52. From the very first issue of Detective Comics, we knew it was a serious story as we witnessed the Joker losing his iconic face, literally. Tony Daniel was released from duty details by Detective Comics #12 to pursue Superman in Action Comics, in which new writer to DC Comics John Layman was to take over! John was a great choice and comes from fan favorite and Image Comics title Chew, his own ‘detective comic'(see what I did there?) with a culinary twist.

Since then John Layman teamed up with artist Jason Fabok; both of them began a campaign and have been kicking ass steadily with a seven-issue story arc detailing the fall of beloved rogue gallery member, the Penguin! Incredibly in the midst of the story came issue #19 of Detective Comics, which would have been #900 had the New 52 not reset the stories and numbering. In this oversized epic issue, that many new, curious fans picked up to be part of the big #900, John Layman’s writing and Jason Fabok’s art became in sync and both shined bright as a beacon luring in high positive reviews and praise.

In what will be the follow up, new art was revealed of the cape crusader and his latest challenge. When I first saw the cover by Detective‘s artist Jason Fabok, I thought it was a alternate version of Deathstroke, but as I looked into it I found Anti-Batman (Wrath) is making a return.

Jason writes:

I decided to hold this back a bit until I had the time to write something up and talk about about the process of this cover (and the design of the Wrath, but today Newsarama released a look at the character designs).  With this cover, I took a few different (and time consuming) steps in order to get it to work, but in the end, it turned out to be one of my favorite covers on the run so far.

You can find more from artist Jason Fabok right here!

Here is some process steps Jason took in making the cover:

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Jason Fabok done an amazing job on Wrath, can not wait to get my copy of this.

Source // ComicBookMovie  // Jason Fabok



An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

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