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Nothing But Love For Jeremy Love

If you know me well, you would know I am a true fan of concept art, I buy the books, collect the images, I love seeing art being made of things in their concept stages, that being said brings me to today’s feature, no other than Jeremy Love.

Jeremy does concepts and he does them real well, his works on The Avengers (Failed Project) is nothing short of amazing, the amount of details he lets flow makes me appreciate the art even more, most other concept artists tend to speed through the works.

The super skrulls are a small sampling of concept art Jeremy Love created for a failed Avengers project. The skrull toys that came out at the time of the movie (and confused people as to who the enemies in the movie would be)

Amazing art by an amazing artist. Nothing but respect for Jeremy

jeremyloveavengersconcepts19 jeremyloveavengersconcepts16 Jeremy-Love_Skrull_SuperSkrull_FrontBack_02 Jeremy-Love_WarMachine_roughs_01 Jeremy-LoveThor_Front_Back_Final_01 Jeremy-Love_Hawkey_Roughs_02 Army_of_Skrulls tumblr_m92h8bsKGq1qejz7ro5_1280 tumblr_m92h8bsKGq1qejz7ro3_1280 tumblr_m92h8bsKGq1qejz7ro2_1280 Jeremy-Love_Skrull_Queen_Thumbs_09 Jeremy-Love_BlackWidow_Roughs_01 Jeremy-Love_TheVision_Thumbs_01

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