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LGX Supanova Sydney 2017

Event Coverage

LGX Supanova Sydney 2017

Was that time of the year again where I attend one of my favourite events in Aus which is Supanova Sydney.

Always great catching up with the Sydney fans and friends making the long drive up there worth it, you guys are amazing, I can’t thank you enough for showing that support every single year without fail.

As an artist that just wants to entertain the masses while trying to improve, you guys make the bad days easier to handle and the those obstacle mountains easier to climb. “Thank you” is easily said many times but please know from the bottom of my heart that if I could buy you all a round of drinks I would, you don’t know the impact some of you have on people like me. Much Love.

Let’s go!

Again got to cover the event all thanks to the help of Canon Australia for always providing us with the gear, the 1DX MKII is amazing, I don’t know what i’d do without it now.

DSC01049 DSC01047 DSC01048 DSC01037 DSC01034 DSC01058 DSC01036

All my PRINTS can be found online on my ONLINE STORE 

Highlight of the event was getting to meet Scott Atkins 
The guy is so cool and super nice, nice enough to come by the booth to show some love for a piece I made (Mock Bloodsport Reboot) He loved it and told me “We need this to happen now” haha

The art he liked
bloodsport FINAL X

Here is Scott at our booth
DSC01193 DSC01197 DSC01191
See, super cool guy, haha

This year was a bit different, I was joined by my good and super talented friend Amir (KINGS LETTER), he supplies the jerky, so the booth needs him for energy.

Check out some of his amazing works
DSC01042 DSC01043 DSC01041 DSC01040 DSC01045 DSC01064 DSC01038 DSC01118 DSC01053

In our down time at the event we always love to check out some of the dope creations you guys did, some of your cosplays were amazing on the day, here are a few shots

DSC01205 DSC01200 DSC01109 DSC01108 DSC01125 DSC01198 DSC01106 DSC01105 DSC01111 DSC01115 DSC01117 DSC01116

Like to thank all the staff over at Supanova for helping me out every year, you guys are amazing to your fans and to your exhibitioners.

Sean, you are awesome dude, thank you for always helping out, that goes for you too Nick <3

Thank you to everyone that came and supported us while we were out there and we will see you all at Oz comic con Melbourne 

Once again major thank you to Canon for everything this year
be sure to follow them in the links below.

It was shot with a Canon 1DX MKII + EF 70-200mm F2.8 L IS II
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All my PRINTS can be found online on my ONLINE STORE 



An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

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