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The Gaming 3 Review

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The Gaming 3 Review

First off sorry for being MIA from the blog, lots of things going on in the background, exciting times ahead, 2017 is the year of awesomeness, so I thank you for sticking around.

Now the awesome people over at Sennheiser have hooked us up with 3 of their latest gaming headsets for us to try out, so we put our gaming hats on and got into this having high hopes since we reviewed the Game Zero a few years back and they were pretty damn awesome, so here we go.

The GSP 300 

This is the entry level headset but don’t let the price and title fool you, this thing really packs a punch and is a comfortable fit while doing so.

Price – As I say all the time when you want good sound you pay the extra $$$ because it goes a long way and this applies to their whole range, and at just $100USD it’s should definitely be looked at.

Sound – Gaming wise these are amazing, and it was expected from a quality manufacturer in Sennheiser, the clarity and crisp sound while drawing out the external surrounding sound is fantastic, as for music it’s strong but not superb, but that’s to be expected as these range of headphones aren’t meant for those purposes.

On the ears – Usually I need to take the headsets I wear off to rest my ears due to pressure or overtime uncomfortably, but with this and the GSP 350 (Which I’m Currently using) I can wear them for hours on end.


The Good –
Nice simple design
Solid Build (Durability)
Amazing sound for gaming
Solid level entry price.

The Bad –
For me I like a little weight on my headsets and these ones are pretty light for me.
Not recommended for customers looking to use them for music purposes mainly.

The GSP 350

This is the one I personally use at the moment, to be honest I picked it up first due to the colors, red and black are always a dope blend and I am also weak for its design and look, and like the 300 it has a nice solid build but the sexy thing about this one is the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound using the new Surround Dongle, making the experience a whole lot more special.
When it comes to the microphone, both the 300 + 350 are great at picking up the sound of your voice, Sennheiser has said “broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone” in their new range and I have tested it for voice over recording and for skype calls and can verify what the company has promised, though, for me I feel the 350 does a better job at it but this may be due to the better sound the 350 produces, I am just hearing it better.


Durability –
This is something that I had a problem with the Game Zero a few years back, they seemed like they could break real easy, so happy they have changed that with the new series, both the 300 and the 350 are built to last while still being super comfortable.

The Good –
Dolby 7.1 Surround + Surround Dongle
Nice simple design (The Red is Dope)
Solid Build (Durability)
Amazing sound all round

The Bad –
I wished it looked significantly different to the 300 but understandable as they’re in the same family tree, also, though I love the red being able to choose a different range of colours would a nice touch.

PC 373D

Now we get to the KING KONG of the 3, the 350 and 300 pack punches while PC 373D delivers the knockout blow taking everything good from both the headsets and supersizing it, superior sound and microphone are just some of the things making these top of the crop.

My only criticism would be from a personal perspective, I do enjoy the fit of the 350 just that little bit more.


Long Play Comfort 
The headsets are like pillows on the ears, very soft but still super comfortable so your ears don’t overheat as they cover the entire ear to immerse yourself in the sound.

Multi Mic Control settings 
The mic is great on the 350 but this one takes the cake, being able to reduce surrounding sounds to enhance your gaming experience even more

The Good –
2-year international warranty
Dolby 7.1 Surround + Surround Dongle
Solid Build (Durability)
Amazing sound all round
Multi Setting Mic control

The Bad –
The Price for some will be too high and they will avoid it, but I say that it is definitely worth it for those looking to spend that amount of money, especially with the 2 year international warranty

The design is great but I wish they went with a sharper edge look like the 350, would be my main headphones no question.

The GSP 300 // The GSP 350 // PC 373D

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