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Momentum 2 LGX Review

Micro Review

Momentum 2 LGX Review

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Review

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For the premium price that these headphone commands, rest assure that what you get is nothing short of excellence. As a fellow designer, one can’t help but marvel at the product’s overall finish. The head phone exudes with style using nothing but premium materials within its construction. The all leather headband is framed to a slick stainless steel foundation. The ear cup itself is crafted out of luxurious comfortable leather.

Headphones (5)
The ear cups are big enough to cover your entire ear, but small enough to not draw too much attention. Along the cup rims are accessible buttons that allow you to quickly and easily connect to any Bluetooth compatible devices, as well as offer easy access to media controls such as volume adjustment and the standard play, pause, next and rewind.

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Included with the package is a direct cable connection solution – handy in situations where you’ve drained the headphones internal batteries – which itself boasts an impressive life expectancy of around 20 hours… Personally, I suspect those cables will remained packed away in its original box and simply be forgotten over time.

One of the highlight of these headphones is how travel friendly it is. Not only is the headphone equipped with an outstanding noise cancellation system, but its construction allows it to easily fold into a smaller package for easy carry. I have taken these headphones onboard several flights and have always been greatly pleased with how efficiently the noise cancellation just drowns out all the unwanted noise to provide a wonderful audio experience.

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These headphones are my first wireless headphones. I came into the experience sceptical of the reliability and quality of wireless sound transmission. From my experience there were never any issues of audio connection drop outs and the audio quality itself was simply outstanding with wonderful rich tones. You’ll be able to wander off about 5~7 meters before your connection is lost to the paired source.

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After about a month’s testing, I can say that I’ve since grown extremely fond of them and simply can’t imagine going back to the world of of wires.

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