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The Conjuring might just bring Scary back

Seeing The Conjuring, I think we finally might have a horror film that just might be scary. We have had a lack of scares in recent movies which upsets me greatly since horror is one of my favorite genres in film.

The Conjuring is something else, it gives me the same vibe I had when i watched The Amityville Horror for the first time, yes the original not the remake.

The directors are heavy hitters that created Saw’ & ‘Insidious, so we know it is in good hands.

Enjoy the trailer and the premiere poster



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  • Izuna

    I think the trailer is good but I’ll definitely reserve judgment until I see the film. I really hope they do a good job with it.

    • Kode Subject

      I like the Directors, i mean Insidious was pretty good

      • Izuna

        Yeah I agree. I think I’m just disappointed that the time when movies could give you nightmares are possibly long gone.

        • Kode Subject

          yeah it is kinda sad