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Batman V Superman V Theory


Batman V Superman V Theory

First off, sorry again for not posting more on the site I really got to start working on that.


Now to talk a little about Batman V Superman, funny thing is the movie was not the greatest while watching it but you can’t stop thinking about it once you watch it, it drives you nuts with all the questions you are asking yourself about certain scenes in the movie, like the one I want to talk about right not (The Flash Dream sequence flashback)

The Flash Dream Sequence Flashback

This scene combined with the Omega sign dream sequence plus the lex ending has me losing sleep because it has me thinking of what is to come of the Justice League movie and what The flash meant when he said “You were right about him.” to Bruce in regards to Superman.

screen shot 2016-02-11 at 11.03.05 am

Now this is what I think is going to go down in JL, the villain will be Superman gone rouge by the corrupting powers of Darkseid in where Lois is the key to restoring the man of steel.

For me this story would be amazing, bringing back Superman in a totally new light that is clouded in darkness, it will bring back a lot of love to Superman that he has seemed to have lost from the past 2 movies, not with me, I love the guy haha.

With the about being said I recalled Zack Snyder posting an image awhile back and paid no mind to it, now let this sink in for a minute


I am all for seeing Superman in all his powerful glory taking out the JL, I really hope this is the direction.

What do you guys think ?

Original day 1 review 


So I just got back from the theatre and thought I’d write what I thought about the movie since people wanted to know.

First off the score of the whole movie is amazing they are always on point with the music, especially at the dramatic intro of Bruce, that was my favourite part of the movie and I wish that wasn’t the case because a lot of parts had the potential to be amazing but fell short.

Ben as batman was a great choice, plays him so well, he is not the best batman ever but he just started and I think he will eventually be the best ever.

Superman was going through the drama of the world not knowing how they feel about him but in my opinion you could not really feel it even when that shit went down at the courthouse you just didn’t really feel the disconnect between humans and the alien, not to mention how many times can he save Lois in one movie XD

That being said I always love when someone messes with supermans mother, he always goes beast mode.

Wonder woman, she was visually amazing, she was a great pick for the part, sure the euro accent through me off a bit but she is great, also the trailers made her look like she was in the movie for longer but again that’s not the case.

Also forgot to mention the batman vs superman fight was badass but so God damn short.

Doomsday, the way doomsday was made I didn’t like that at all and how lex was able to activate the ship and just know how to use and command it, that fight was all over the place at the start then the military nuke him only to have him adapt and get stronger (glad the did that) then they went full death of Superman arc and we all know how that went down.

I wanted to love this movie I really did, I went in with the mentality that this would be the dc movie of all dc movies but sadly it wasn’t, it was good not great but it did show huge potential for the future, the wonder woman, batman movies are going to be amazing I truly believe that.

This movie was a good introduction of what is coming and that’s what I think it was, an introduction.

Still you will like the movie, it is visually awesome, batman is dope, wonder woman is badass and hot… Don’t look too much into the story and how it played out”

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An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

  • Lucas Pearson

    Great theory… Michael Shannon also said he wants to see a ‘serial killer superman’

    • Kode Subject

      I think it is going to happen *Fingers Crossed 😀

  • Pangea Blockhead

    In man of steel, when clark opened the ship with his fathers key-keelex his computer indicated that the ship’s genesis chamber still was active. All they needed was the codex within clarks blood, since the kryptonian ancestor’s skull template didn’t exist anymore. Luthor unearthed the black zero and asked all the questions that Clark didnt. The new codex would be luthors blood which he used to ressurect the cloned body of zod that would bring forth an eldritch abomination clone of luthor imbued with his purpose. Doomsday is luthors hatred made manifest. If you notice the first swing it takes is at his creator, meaning luthor after years of abuse under his fathers power somewere hated himself more than the caped wonder. Superman saved him though. But Luthor also knows what happened to the kryptonian colonies and who else besides zod whom also knew a planet of superbeings would be advantageous, hence darkseid and trying to get rid of superman, his frequent target being kryptonians.

    • Kode Subject

      Yeah a lot got caught up on that not knowing what is actually happening.
      Cant wait to see what all this brings

    • Sergio Botello

      That was an excellent explanation man. Honest to god, couldn’t have said it better 😁

      • Kode Subject

        Even tho this movie had its issues I cant wait for the future from the foundation it set

    • Marco Yamamoto

      Sounds legit, it does make sense how Lex took over the ship so easily. But overall agree with Boss, this is a setup movie like star wars(but SW was better), but it seemed rushed, with just wanting to get to JL. If they slowed it down and not push so much stuff into one movie it be better.

      • Kode Subject


  • Aldhy Gunawan

    After saying “lois lane is the key”, flash said “am i too soon bruce?”. And yes, flash is too soon, bruce didnt understand whats the problem.

  • Patrick Greger

    You can’t really assume what the flash was talking about. He may be referring to superman, but you don’t know what he went into the past for. The person/situation that he traveled to the past to warn about possibly hasn’t even occurred yet, so I think that assuming that he’s referring to superman could be a red herring… Or it could be a prelude to the Injustice storyline, which is also cool.

  • Nicolas Strands

    Not sure why but I thought about Injustice when I saw that … I very much appreciate your review on the movie. Seen it twice already and you just said all my thoughts. And I want to watch it again !

    • Luis Martinez

      Same bro

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