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MegaCon 2015

One of the earliest major conventions of the season, MegaCon exploded at the familiar Orange County Convention Center in sunny Orlando, Florida from April 10-12.

However before this year’s show began, the rumor was out: MegaCon had been sold to Fan Expo. The news broke early by pop culture convention insiders Bleeding Cool. This is exciting news to see a homegrown event since 1993 join a much larger global picture, but with the incredible increases in MegaCon’s annual attendance this can only mean the reach for bigger talent will be attained for upcoming shows. After the show was over Sunday the official announcement was made.

Also breaking was that MegaCon for 2016 will be a 4-day event, May 26-29. We’re really excited for this expansion and can’t wait to be part of it.

Please note that this entry and those similar on our site are best enjoyed if you read the words with the photos to absorb the sensational experience.

And with that…

BossLogic, Inc. proudly presents: MegaCon 2015


Last year, parking and arrival was disastrous. We were told to go in so many directions only to be crushed in grid lock traffic forcing us to arrive at the convention hours late beyond our destined time. This year a very clear map was formed telling us what points we can leave our vehicles.

Shuttle buses were there to rescue us from a lengthy walk to the convention. More importantly was the protection from the unforgiving Florida heat.

The shuttle bus idea was an incredible improvement which I had to document for this travel.


However once inside, the line for tickets was intimidating. More so heartbreaking was that these were for advanced tickets pre-paid for. We hope everyone got in. With Fan Expo’s acquisition we’re expecting instead of wristbands that we get actual badges and that they’re mailed to us like other bigger conventions do currently. This could help alleviate the stress for people who are on schedule for events throughout the con.


What an incredible breathtaking view… even on the first day of the con, you can see big traffic pulsating on the floor. I’m very impressed with this event growing so much in few years.


The weapons check was slightly offsite and a floor away from the actual entrance. It could have accidentally been avoided by people entering MegaCon. This ironic photo of Deadpool speaks many words.


Once inside you can see the proof of how much attendance has increased. Last year boasted an 80,000 attendee count and you could feel their energetic presence this year. New adventures await…


There were so many things on the agenda for us, to where we couldn’t decide how to begin. I knew on the top of my list I had to visit some of the guests before they became out of reach by the weekend crowd. Here’s some of the stars of the show beginning with the most important.


The Guest of Honor was none other than Stan Lee. Every brief opportunity to be around Stan is instantly memorable. This year he began signing autographs earlier than scheduled; this allowed people who came later to have less of a line and more time to spend with Stan and thanking him for his contributions to building our childhoods.

Every year it seems Stan’s team at Pow! Entertainment find ways of creating improvement to this once-in-a-lifetime experience of meeting our Generalissimo.

But even with our comic book legend being here, the focus of MegaCon seemed slightly more towards multimedia.


After our Guest of Honor, Norman Reedus was easily the 2nd biggest star on the floor and of the show. The Walking Dead’s star appearance marked the arrival of hundreds of fans in a line that seemed unending. It was funny because the queue was so big that it intruded into other guests’ spots.

After a successful first two days, Norman extended his stay until Sunday to accommodate fans who were unable to reach him prior to. What a nice guy 🙂


Michael Rooker also had a big presence at the con. While his villain roles in shows and movies may have scared away smaller children, adults loved to see him and he interacted very well with his fans.

Michael also crashed random panels such as Stan Lee’s and was seen at the nightlife parties with many fans as they posted on social media.


Arrow star David Ramsey was very great to talk to and shared many personal moments with us. Sadly to many fans’ disappointment other Arrow crew members like Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy cancelled their appearances.


As a last minute push, from Flash we did get Danielle Panabaker who plays a major supporting role for our hero.


Also accompanying her was co-star Robbie Amell who was very personable like his brother Stephen who cancelled his show appearance due to scheduling conflict.

mcba07 sean patrick flanery

Sean Patrick Flanery looked surprisingly fit and young. We discussed many memories of The Boondock Saints.


Lou Ferrigno also looked like he hadn’t aged a bit. I could photoshop this green and you would think he’s still the Hulk.


We did mention that this year there wasn’t as big a comic book creator presence as previous years, however we still saw many of our favorites.


George Pérez in his usual artistry position surrounded by fans. Earlier in the weekend he had helped lead the first annual ‘MegaWalk’, a charitable fundraising event for the Hero Initiative.

mcba10 chuck dixon

Chuck Dixon, the creator of Bane. I hope many fans got their Dark Knight Rises stuff signed by him.


It’s been a while since I saw the familiar faces of Paolo Rivera and his father Joe. They were here only on Sunday raising funds for the Hero Initiative.


I made a joke with Marvel artist Ed McGuinness that he showed up the one year that his fellow artist and inker Dexter Vines isn’t here.


This was actually my first time meeting Marvel superstar Nick Bradshaw. The few times we’ve interacted online, I knew he’d be just as friendly in person and I was right. Hope to see him at many other shows.


I remember my first Journey Into Mystery book I picked up with Jeff Dekal‘s art, and it blew my mind on the realism expressed. He certainly has not slowed down and his improvement will be bringing us many more Marvel goodies in the near future. His banner is a hint…


Mike Perkins has been kept pretty busy drawing many comic book covers. Any fans of Captain America fell in love with his art during the Brubaker run.

mcba16 justin ponsor

Justin Ponsor is one of the friendliest people here. His coloring skills are almost as nice 😛

mcba17 john christopher tyler

I was hoping that John Christopher Tyler could sneak me a copy of Boba Fett #4 Figure Variant that he recently did. It’s going for quite a bit $$$ on eBay. Would have been great to have a signed copy for myself 🙁


Once you met your favorite on screen characters and comic creators, there was still much more to do on the floor plan.


Have you ever considered getting a tattoo at the con? This would have been a great opportunity to get colored by Ink-Fusion. They partnered with Stan Lee for a contest in which Stan would draw your tattoo.


This gentleman got his back signed by Stan Lee, which is now forever memorialized into his skin. Pretty cool idea if you have the supporting art like he did.


I’m not sure if this was here last year, but this arcade room was an incredible idea. The room was very ventilated with air-conditioning and I stumbled in to dry up after swimming in perspiration from the outdoor Florida heat.

On the other side of the pinball machines were classic arcades set up like traditional Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and even group friendly Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with unlimited lives.

You didn’t have to pay to get into this room as it was situated outside the main floor area.


LEGO once again had a floor spot, but not as big as the previous year. I thought these superhero pieces were unique as I hadn’t seen them before.

mcbb05 barrett biggers

Providing us with live art demonstration was Barrett Biggers with this incredible MegaMan. Check out his page to see what it’s become.


Outside of Stan Lee’s signing room was Stan Lee Collectibles. You could purchase pre-signed items like comics or memorabilia without having to pay for a ticket and waiting in line for Stan.

These were my favorite items. Other than Stan Lee’s autograph, the top guitar is signed by Humberto Ramos and the bottom signed by Todd McFarlane.


If you were lucky enough to get your photo-op with your favorite personality, this company was selling free-floating photo frames. This is a great image of Norman Reedus promoting the frame.


One of my favorite sights at any con is the Tower of T-Shirts by Stylin Online.

Another company I deeply recommend is Super Hero Stuff.

Both of these companies offer programs which grant entry to the convention if you willingly volunteer to help out their booth.


If you’re searching for the latest or rare comic books, you can find many retailers scattered throughout the floor like Coliseum of Comics.


Merchandise can come very affordable or at a collector’s price. These look very sharp but they’re actually piggy banks.


A little more detail comes in this statue made of glass resin and plastic.


For the serious collector, a life-size bust may be the right answer. The high-quality comes with a price but in this growing market there is always someone looking to buy.


The visuals behind Greg Horn‘s art will burn into your memory. His skill and beauty behind his craft is unmistakable. This is the first time I did not see him at his booth but I’m sure I’ll catch him next event.


Patrick Towers is the local hero with very eye-appealing art. You’ve got to check out more artwork on his page.

mcbb15 art of blake henriksen

This was an incredible limited edition piece from Blake Henriksen showcasing realism toward characters from Batman: The Animated Series.

mcbb16 daniel govar

Another artist I really respect is Daniel Govar.

mcbb17 art by jp

Alright. This was the most badass thing I have seen at the con. I’m totally obsessed with the Flash show, and this just jerked my attention. You can see more at Art by J.P. Perez.


I couldn’t take my eyes off this graffiti style art. Sadly the name of the artist slipped me by like Venom’s tongue… feel free to shoot us a message and we’ll update that.

mcbb19 mike maydak

I love the new canvas art that Mike Maydak has brought with him. Groovy.

mcbb20 one of a kind wood cut puff monster from the art of bianca roman-stumpff

I always keep my eye open for rad things. These one of a kind wood cut puff monsters were made by The Art of Bianca Roman-Stumpff. Very personable items to decorate a lively home with.

mcbb21 highfalutin designs

On that same note are these pieces by Highfalutin Designs. From Avengers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets, these are once again great additions to a home.


Another big part of convention is the anime aspect. The price point on imported statues is much lower than domestic pieces, however the quality is much higher. Funny how that works and they want us to spend domestically…


And plushies. PLUSHIES.


Finally, these posters under $10 really caught my attention. It’s a great bargain for someone looking to decorate big spaces like a warehouse or work office wall.


Last but certainly not least, the biggest attraction of MegaCon this year were the cosplaying attendees. There were hundreds of walking examples of why this market is growing at an incredible pace; this was a tough selection but here are some of our favorites. This is never an easy task… I like to look for the unique things that differ from the norm.


We were lucky to run into TracyDesu and her bubbly daughter Sora. On the right is iconic costumer Yaya Han who couldn’t help but pose in a photo with the matching duo.


With the recent re-release of Nintendo’s Majora’s Mask, we had several Skull Kid cosplayers frolicking around but this was my favorite.


The Joker is a very hard character to pull off. The expectation is up there being a very high caliber villain.


Picking one of those caliber characters, such as Harley Quinn, can sometimes require a certain something to stand apart from the others.


I was impressed by how fast Spider-Gwen had spread into the community. The character was only recently introduced and many people caught on. Check out the web she made me hold in this photo. Visionary.


It’s easy being a Stormtrooper. But what will you do to stand out? This was perfect.


Another one I fell in love with. You can do anything with Deadpool. How can you not love a Super Saiyan Merc with a Mouth? So if you need an idea for your next cosplay… try a Super Saiyan Stormtrooper haha.


Pretty impressive Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion. We had an awkward moment because some dude stopped to stare right behind her when I was trying to get the shot.


Master Roshi, a lesser seen Dragon Ball character at conventions.


Okay… this was too good LOL


Last year the photo we got of this MegaMan was when he was eating at a table. Thankfully we got him in the open this time! But not too far away was…


Proto Man! First time I’ve ever seen this character cosplayed in person. Very excited.


This joke is still going on? Great way to bring it back haha.


Very outspoken Scorpion, the photo does no justice on how tremendous the stinger tail was.


Pretty nice Zelda crew. Incredible details on all their accessories.


Two-Face only a mother could love.


Its hard not to be impressed by Lady Bane, a trend set forth by cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean. I wonder if she knew Chuck Dixon, the creator of Bane, was there at the con? Hmm…


Many, many Deadpools here (You saw the 100 Deadpool march on our Facebook page!) but this lone Merc didn’t use a face mask. Well done.


Very impressive Star-Lord. I didn’t see any that had red light-up eyes.


You would think this was Drax the Destroyer’s stunt double, right?!


I told you that you have to be different. Like… wow. I’m sure people will start taking this Spidey-Joker or similar idea soon.


Deathstroke, locked and loaded.


It’s like a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matchup of Spider-Man vs. Dormammu. Or maybe it’s really Skeletor.


I loved Stark Cosplay‘s Red Hood. Thank you and the crew for being mad cool 🙂


With the Jurassic World movie coming up, this was also badass haha.


Macho Man came back from Heaven to see Hulk Hogan (look in the background).


Snake, literally.


Another capture of TracyDesu and Sora. We’re hoping to bag her for an upcoming feature…


This fancy pants Stormtrooper.


The recent release of Mortal Kombat X brought out some of the fighters like Scorpion.


…and Cyrax, wow.


The upcoming Avengers movie reminds us of more recent Marvel movie villains like this Winter Soldier.


Another less seen cosplay, one for Akasha, the Queen of the Damned. RIP Aaliyah.


I’m 99.99% sure this was Marth from Fire Emblem, in the alternate white suit color from Super Smash Bros.


Not sure what spawned many ladies to become Hawkgirl at this convention, I was thinking maybe because of the Arrow/Flash spinoff announcement.


Breathtaking Daedric Armor as seen in Skyrim. I don’t think he even had a chance to get past the entrance because almost everyone stopped him for a photo.


Two strangers were passing by. I asked them to put on a small photo event.


One of the most respected veterans in the cosplay scene, Dementia, the Con Mother looking incredible as ever.


And some more Disney goodness.


The light up eyes were a big deal to me.


And finally… this incredible Bombshell Harley. I’m always thankful when people base their ideas directly from the comics.


If you’ve gotten this far with us, it means you’ve reached the end of our journey. It has been a long time since we stepped back into this beast after a short hiatus of getting things back together.

With the new changes coming to MegaCon next year, we can’t wait to compare our adventure from this time to the upcoming one.

We’d like to thank you guys for your support thus far. Spawning from this post will be a contest coming in May. Stay tuned…





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