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I Will Not Fall Poster

Hopefully we have all watched the mid season finale of Arrow by now, if you have not then you are missing out and these posters are just going to spoil the episode for you.

Since i have you here, here is what i think is going to happen on the return of Arrow, I believe Malcolm Merlyn knows the location and the existence of the Lazarus pit and its power to revive and heal basically any type of wound but it does have a side-effect of temporary insanity in which i think Oliver will be a villain for a few episodes back to shine some spotlight on A.T.O.M.

Oh yeah one thing id like to mention, that line in the trailer where Oliver responds to ” He will kill you” ” Not this time” that was not in the episode, or did I miss it ?

Overall I loved the episode and I can not wait till Jan, 21st to watch the comeback, also like to mention The Flash is doing an awesome job too, glad these are part of my line of series I am watching.

Here are the Survive Posters for next months episode //
pit 1x the pit-Longxx

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  • Kooliokatz

    faaaaarrrrrr so good!!!!