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Artist On The Rise

It is a great pleasure featuring such great talent, even though they are new to the field they produce wonderful works.

Jey Soliva is one of these people, taking his love of superheroes and letting his talents bleed out over the paper to create the fine pieces that he makes.

Here is a brief introduction from Jey

I am an amateur comic artist born in Manila, Philippines. I started drawing using anime’ style since grade school but I’m a big fan of Superman, Batman and Wolverine. When I was in high school, I sold my very first comics (the original copy) to a classmate and never stopped drawing since then. I studied Professional Animation in 2003 at ArtFarm Asia. In 2008, I decided to continue my college and pursue a career on comics after.  I attended Universidad De Manila and got a degree in Mass Communication in 2012.

My pieces were colored by other colorists namely, Omi Remalanter Jr., Bryan Magnaye and Stephan Weibel

Influences ?
My major influences as artist are Jim Lee, David Finch, Tony Daniel, Stephen Segovia and Leinil Yu.
Enjoy some of Jey’s artworks
13 20 22 26 AfroSamurai_Jey Cyclops_Jey_edited JLA Avengers Jey Soliva Bryan_edited POSERS_bust_colored StormShadow_SnakeEyes_colored Superman52 Jey Bryan edited SupermanTHOR
You can find all Jey’s works here on DeviantArt