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SSV – What it means to me!

You guys all know me as Bosslogic, well most of you do anyway, thought i would make this post to honor the 5 years of Shadowloo Showdown.

See you guys know me as Kode (bosslogic) the artist guy, not many know that i am one of the creators of Shadowloo Showdown, along side my awesome crew Ali, Sol and Pyro from there we have grown to an awesome team of some of the most loyal people that i am lucky to know.

I am not going to lie over the years it has been 90% struggle, sleepless nights, nights where id give up my room so someone else can rest, weeks to months of editing videos and images on my own since we had no one else in the media department even on event day, on the fly editing and photoshopping was needed, as i said it was a struggle but without struggle success lies dormant.

I think all TO’s should take more than a second to thank, i mean really thank the people that make the event run, even the simplest things, I would love for someone to help me out on my side of the workshop, and if one day that person does come along ill make sure they wear a crown after that day 😀

Art means the world to me and from art came designs for the games i love from there “That’s Why I’m Here”
At the end of the day Shadowloo Showdown is our baby, sure growing up is a little hard but we will raise it right, something we can be proud of.


For all who don’t know, Shadowloo Showdown is an annual fighting game event based in Melbourne Australia, blood sweat and tears lots and lots of tears 😀 has gone into it to make it better and better every year and we have come such a long way, bringing the community together, getting other communities to cross oceans to play the games that we love at a tournament level


Shadowloo Showdown V Trailer

I really hope to see you all here this year ( August 29th – 31st ) EVENT PAGE it’s going to be a blast
and be sure to come by the Bosslogic booth, im sure the crew will hook me up with one 😀

Till then, stay awesome.