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Official Shadowloo Showdown V Tribute Cover

I am excited to show you all the official SSV tribute book cover by the legendary bosslogics own Tommy (Tommaso)

Here is a few shots of the cover art, the theme is “Shadowloo, We Are Mecha” should know that by now ūüėÄ
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Some of Tommy’s other works for Shadowloo Showdown

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His unique style and imagination is endless I am lucky to find such an artist that shares the same logic as i do when it comes to art, so it’s a real honor for him to grace the cover of this years book. Please take a few minutes and look through his amazing gallery, we are in for a treat trust me –¬†GALLERY¬†

Make sure you do not miss out on this years tribute challenge, the deadline is  Friday, August 1st, 2014
all the information on it can be found here –¬†TRIBUTE CHALLENGE¬†¬†please do share around with anyone that you think would be interested and all over your social networks.