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My Journey In Drawinghood


My Journey In Drawinghood

Like all artists that get good at what they do, I looked for another art form to strengthen my artistry, I chose the form of drawing.


Drawing has always been a shadow that I have never brought forward to the light in all my life and that is because of two reasons, one being that digital art and photos manipulation consumed all my time, reason two was that I was and still am scared of it.

drawing_drill__13_by_bosslogic-d73x96x drawing_drill__14_by_bosslogic-d7423y3 drawing_drill__12_by_bosslogic-d73wqau
I decided to jump in the sea even though I can’t really swim (draw) with that in mind I practice every single day for at least 2-3 hours at minimum, I try to draw three different styles of drawing, one dynamic, one portrait and one realistic, mostly because I want to break away from the traditional training methods, I want my muscle memory to work and learn my way and not by the ways of other artists, the reason being is that learning someone else’s method is a learning curve of its own and takes time that you could be putting in your own way, being comfortable in your training is key to keep going so take away from your favourite artists and what they do and build your own fundamental way of training.

drawing_drill__10_by_bosslogic-d73mfri drawing_drill__11_by_bosslogic-d73qkoh drawing_progress_v2_by_bosslogic-d72hcg7
So day in day out training 2-3 hours a day in hopes to one day be the best version of myself, I would never say ‘to be the best illustrator ever’ I do not believe that title exists, but we can reach high with amazing artists fuelling us such as Artgerm, Alvin Lee, Sam Spratt, Jim Lee and Andy Park just to name a few.

drawing_drill__8_by_bosslogic-d73h4kkWP_20140208_22_19_01_Raw 1780657_10151884740420636_434720496_n

I made this post because many are swimming in the same sea and are afraid of the sharks, I am here to say don’t be, because with enough time and effort you will be one if those sharks.

Major shout outs to my friends that provide me with tips such as Tommaso Renieri, Michael Wright, Marc Barnes, Bryan Lee and the fans <3

If you need any book recomendation or even if you want to provide me with more tips, hit me up on my Bosslogic,inc facebook    



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An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

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