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Shadowloo Showdown Art Tribute Book


Shadowloo Showdown Art Tribute Book

Finally after a long wait the Shadowloo Showdown Tribute book E-version is out and available to download.
I would like to take a minute to thank each and every artist that contributed to the book, lots of amazing talent out there and I’m glad i got to see them, hope you all enjoy the art and show appreciation to the artists involved.

Here are a few samples of the awesome contributions this year.
hakan Shadowloo_Showdown_Highres oni1 akuma_next_2 [HI-RES]_SS_Trophy-Collector_CB3 IBUKI_SANS_Final

Since this is the first one of many, I would appreciate some feedback and ideas to make next years even better, just send me a direct message.

(Little revisions to be made in the printed version)

Download here 

For feedback and ideas, hit us up on the Bosslogic,Inc Facebook or via contact



An artist always challenges ones self to better themselves and that is the road I am on.

  • TheyCallHimX

    Man, these are freaking sick!
    Downloading now so I can see the rest!

  • Brendan

    These are beautiful man.

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