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Shadowloo Showdown Art Tribute Book

Finally after a long wait the Shadowloo Showdown Tribute book E-version is out and available to download.
I would like to take a minute to thank each and every artist that contributed to the book, lots of amazing talent out there and I’m glad i got to see them, hope you all enjoy the art and show appreciation to the artists involved.

Here are a few samples of the awesome contributions this year.
hakan Shadowloo_Showdown_Highres oni1 akuma_next_2 [HI-RES]_SS_Trophy-Collector_CB3 IBUKI_SANS_Final

Since this is the first one of many, I would appreciate some feedback and ideas to make next years even better, just send me a direct message.

(Little revisions to be made in the printed version)

Download here 

For feedback and ideas, hit us up on the Bosslogic,Inc Facebook or via contact

  • TheyCallHimX

    Man, these are freaking sick!
    Downloading now so I can see the rest!

  • Brendan

    These are beautiful man.