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Comics Review (June 26, 2013)

This really is a great time to be reading for fans of comics and those just joining the comic readership. With comics hitting many theater adaptions and getting story renewals and reboots, companies are investing into comics to keep the stories and interest going during the off seasons. Just a heads up that some of […]

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Batman: The Dark Knight #21 – Original Art For Sale

Original comic book art is notorious for costing big money, but times have changed. What once was a highly sought item for the hardcore collector has declined in existence due to the natural advancement of technology; modern artists a decade ago drew their comics on hard paper, scanned them into a computer and had their […]

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DC Comics: Your Villains Have Arrived

September is going to be special at DC Comics where they’re giving a month of the year to those we love to hate, and hate to love, the notorious villains! As if our curiosity wasn’t peaked to see what occurs when Lex Luthor, LOBO, or The Joker take over a whole book during this New […]

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New Comics (May 29, 2013)

Hover over and hit the “PLAY” button above! In this week’s comic book releases, our friend Aaron from ‘A Comic Shop’ reviews and discusses Batman writer Scott Snyder’s new mini-series ‘Wake’ from DC’s Vertigo line. Two other small press/Independent books Aaron doesn’t mention that I’m looking forward to from Image Comics are the latest issues […]

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