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LGX Review // American Made

What Did I Just Watch?

LGX Review // American Made

American Made – Non Spoiler Review

Film Synopsis //

Barry Seal, a TWA pilot, is recruited by the CIA to provide reconnaissance on the burgeoning communist threat in Central America and soon finds himself in charge of one of the biggest covert CIA operations in the history of the United States.

First and foremost let me start by saying this film is the very definition of the word fun, American Made is jam-packed with scenes in it so extraordinary, it literally boggles the mind (In a good way of course).

The pacing of film is fantastic, likewise the story (The fact that it’s based on a true story adds to just how well made it is). Not one actor in the film felt out of place and if anything above all else, it reminded us how phenomenal an actor Tom Cruise is. I know personally he is hit and miss with a few people but to me he has always been in the upper echelon of the elite in Hollywood, for me among all of his great roles (Jerry Maguire, Top Gun, Risky Business etc) my personal favourite roles of his are Les Grossman (Tropic Thunder), Cage (Edge of Tomorrow) & now you can most definitely add his interpretation of Barry Seal in this film.

To sum it all up without giving too much away //

Superb storytelling, great action, a ton of laughs and Tom Cruise at his very best in a tale that is- well – insane to most!

Thank you so much to Universal Pictures Australia and Playmaker Digital for giving us the chance to see this movie.

LGX Rating 

Overall – 7.5 out of 10

Re-watch percentage – 80%

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